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ZenFone Wifi antennas and cables

ZenFone Wifi antennas and cables

A problem with the Antenna of your ZenFone 2 or ZS570KL? Replace it easily by ordering a spare antenna among the ones listed on our website.
You own a Zenfone, the famous smartphone straight out of the great innovations and technological research of the renowned manufacturer Asus. This mobile phone brings together the quest for perfection and design developed by Asus day by day, offering unprecedented ergonomics, incredible performance and audiovisual quality worthy of the greatest.
All these qualities associated with the reputation of Asus products for their quality and durability have convinced you to buy a Zenfone, whether for personal or professional use.
But for some time its use has been greatly reduced when your Zenfone has started to have network connection problems, you think that your interconnect cable has a problem.

You accidentally dropped your Zenfone or it suffered a violent impact? You no longer correctly capture the network or it has disappeared altogether? You can not access the 4G connection? The Zenfone antenna has been damaged or no longer works at all, fortunately this fault is repairable.

Accessoires Asus introduces you to this category of replacement antennas for the Zenfone (Zenfone 2 or ZS570KL), brand new, 100% original and certified Asus manufactured thus ensuring quality materials used and durability of the part. Mimo type network antennas, MP antennas or NFC antennas are available for sale to get all the connectivity and browsing pleasure on your Asus smartphone.

The change of the network antenna can be done by you, simply and easily, without the need to call a professional for the workforce and thus saving on the repair costs. Caution, as a precaution and before any manipulation or change of parts on your Asus smartphone, remember to make a full backup of your data before turning off your mobile.

Our team shares with you a simple method for this change of parts; just get a Phillips screwdriver, a small screwdriver and a hair dryer:

- Insert the Sim card drawer extraction tool into its slot and remove it
- To remove the back cover of the phone without breaking it during take-off, heat it with a hair dryer for 2 minutes
- When the rear panel is well heated, insert the flat screwdriver into the gap of the back cover of the phone, start from the right back corner of the phone and slowly go back up to go around
- Once all sides are off, grasp the rear window and gently remove it, feel free to warm up the surface if you feel resistance rather than break it
- Using the Phillips screwdriver unscrew all the screws on the outer frame
- Then disconnect the interconnection cable and the fingerprint sensor connector (small clips above the battery)
- Leverage with the screwdriver and unclip the right side of the internal chassis (to the right of the camera)
- Then unclip the upper part of the inner frame and remove it.
- Disconnect the battery ribbon gently (top left of the battery) and then with the interconnection cable (bottom right of the charging connector)
- The antenna is on the right of the phone (small long cable), remove it and replace it
- Do the steps in the opposite direction to reassemble the phone
Do you have any doubts about the manipulation? Would you like a recommendation or advice from an expert? Our Asus professionals are then at your disposal to accompany you during all your navigation or to support you during the repair. And if you want to acquire adequate tools for these repairs, the Asus dismantling kit is for you.

You can also find accessories for the Zenfone as well as Zenfone screens and covers to protect it from the next falls and avoid repairs!
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