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Asus Zenfone screen module

Asus Zenfone screen module

With the new pro-technology generation, also called the smartphone generation, the Asus brand launched the manufacture of its own hybrid phone in 2015: the Zenfone, using the many capacities, knowledge and skills acquired during its rise as a global manufacturer.
Asus then combines its qualities in terms of performance, design and ergonomics to create a wide range of smartphones that are ever more powerful and with unprecedented media quality. Accessoires Asus offers you for sale the entire Zenfone range (Zenfone Max, Zenfone Selfie, Zenfone Lit, Zenfone Go, Zenfone Live, Zenfone Pro, etc.) as well as all associated accessories and spare parts.
You have an Asus smartphone and you are having a problem with the screen of your phone.
Several cases are then possible: either your screen has been the victim of a fall or a shock, or you have used or transported it in poor conditions. Either way, the screen is cracked or broken, so your screen module is damaged.
Many of us continue to use our smartphones after the screen is broken, figuring that despite this unattractive appearance, the repair can wait. Think again, although its operation seems unchanged to you, any crack is an open door to residues, dust, liquids which will then infiltrate silently to reach the components of your phone and cause malfunctions, resulting in a much more expensive repair!

To avoid all this, Accessoires Asus offers you screen modules to quickly repair your phone.

You will find a wide range of complete display modules for all Zenfone models, in black or white. To facilitate your repair, we offer a toolkit for smartphones to change easily and quickly the damaged screen.
You have a doubt as to the compatibility between the selected module and your Asus smartphone? Our service team is at your disposal to advise you during your navigation and help you choose the best product for your phone. And to make you completely satisfied, we ensure a delivery between 24 and 48 hours!

To avoid having to buy a screen module, remember to protect the back cover and the glass of your phone with a screen protector, to prevent any new scratches or breaks.

Asus, the giant of high tech and IT products, has been recognized thanks to the quality of its products, always improved and optimized in a process of constant performance growth. It has been able to respond to every type of user and every kind of need, from laptops to tablets to various accessories and small parts.
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