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Asus Padfone

Asus Padfone

Accessoires Asus for the Padfone are available at an attractive price in this section. You will find touch screen glasses, new adapters and full screen modules.
Who would not have heard about this innovative and unexpected product from the renowned manufacturer Asus, the famous Padfone? This perfect combination of a smartphone with a tablet has seduced more than one, combining in one product comfort and enjoyment of use: smartphone for the day and tablet for the evening. This beautiful and ingenious association brings together a quality grip, creating an ultra light set and worked finishes. Each user was able to acquire two products for one, obtaining performance, extended autonomy, display technology, resistance and elegance for perfect fluidity.
Less expensive than a computer, this device has allowed everyone to get a tablet in addition to the phone and discover new uses and displays. But over time, the many uses and natural wear some of the accessories of your Asus Padfone have deteriorated, until they no longer work.

With a view of product sustainability and customer satisfaction, Asus has thought of offering the sale of accessories and spare parts of its many products, while allowing each of its customers the personalization and repair of each of its equipment .

Accessoires Asus presents in this section all the Padfone accessories you need following the failure or damage you are subject to. You will be able to be reassured about the durability of your product and your financial security concerning the future possible breakdowns, with new and high quality products, all 100% original and certified Asus manufactured.

Available for sale are your charger base only (AC adapter) or Padfone charger complete with USB docking cable to recharge the battery of your smartphone but also your tablet with a single adapter. You will also be able to order a Padfone dock power supply card equipped with the micro USB connector in order to recharge your equipment and regain its original autonomy.
If your search is for a failure with your Padfone display or tablet screen, you can change them with Padfone Tablet Touch Panels (sold without the slab) and full Padfone Display Modules with slab, touch screen and volume and lock buttons to make your product like new and give it back its fluidity and quality of use. All these products are on sale on our site at the best prices.

Most of these repairs can be done by you, our team advises you to do them yourself rather than calling a professional to avoid paying the labor. Do not worry if you do not have the necessary equipment, we offer an Asus disassembly kit, compatible with tablets, smartphones and computers of the brand, to ensure professional work and versatility tools.
Do you have questions or need clarification regarding the part to choose? Would you like professional advice for the procedure to follow during the repair? Get in touch with our team of Asus experts who will accompany you during your navigation as well as for the repair of your equipment.

Take advantage of your visit to our site to find all the Padfone spare parts following the model of your product, but also all the bags and pouches to improve the comfort of your use and the safety of your equipment during your travels.
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