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Asus ZenFone Framecase

Asus ZenFone Framecase

You own an Asus smartphone: Zenfone 2, Zenfone 3 Max, Zenfone Laser, Zenfone selfie etc, and you have been won over by its attractive price, its elegant design, ease of handling, long battery life and wide choice of colors which allow you to personalize it to your image. But some time ago, you accidentally dropped your phone or it received a shock and the chassis of your Zenfone, which is fragile by nature, bent.
Many users assume this problem is just cosmetic, however this is not true!

When bent, the frame of your phone can prevent the back cover from being securely clipped and therefore decreases the safety of your phone in the event of further drops.
In addition, this poorly fitted cover is an open door to dust and any other residue which can then infiltrate and damage your small components.
It is therefore essential to replace the damaged chassis before your smartphone suffers other more serious and sometimes irreversible damage.

We sell in this section different chassis for all models of Zenfone, our spare parts are 100% Asus original and certified Asus manufacturing.
You will find rear frames available in various colors to match your Zenfone perfectly (white, black, red, gold ...) and equipped, depending on the model, with an antenna, a volume button, a speaker, a webcam window and flash.
Internal frames equipped with flash are also available for sale.

All the frames are categorized by Zenfone model to ensure the correspondence between the product chosen and the one meeting your needs.
You must then ask yourself how you are going to proceed once the frame has been received... Our team offers you a simple method to carry out this repair yourself rather than paying a professional.
Warning: before carrying out your smartphone repair, it is advisable to make a complete backup of your data as a precaution.
- Take a small flat screwdriver and a Phillips screwdriver and turn off your smartphone.
- Slide the flat screwdriver into the gap between the lower part of the back cover and the front part of the phone, in order to gently unclip the back cover and remove it
- Remove the Sim card and the SD card
- Unscrew all the cruciform screws present on the external frame
- Below the camera is the volume button, remove it by levering it with your flat screwdriver
- Slide the screwdriver again into the gap between the outer frame and the screen of your phone and gently pry it up to unclip it
- Replace the bent frame with the new one and repeat the steps in reverse order to reassemble your phone

If you have any doubts or a question concerning the repair or if you think you have made an error, do not hesitate to contact our specialized Zenfone team, they are at your disposal to support you in your repair.

Also take advantage of your navigation to find batteries, screws, screens or even speakers and equip yourself like a professional for all your spare part repairs with our dismantling kit.
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