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ZenFone Fingerprint Sensor

ZenFone Fingerprint Sensor

Proceed directly to this page if you are searching for a spare fingerprint sensor for replacing the one on your Asus ZenFone. You will find plenty of references compatible with most of the ZenFone models at stunning prices.
You have been using the Asus Zenfone for some time, this smartphone is optimized to interact with the world, combining reality technology and advanced innovation so that you can always do more with autonomy at the height of your desires. This range of Asus smartphones is equipped with a fingerprint sensor that allows you to protect your mobile and your personal information from any involuntary intrusion. Unfortunately your fingerprint reader does not work anymore?
The fingerprint sensor on your smartphone does not respond? He does not recognize your fingerprints anymore and does not give you the opportunity to record a new one? You can not unlock your smartphone anymore?
There are many causes for this failure, but some are recurrent: your impression reader may have suffered a fall or shock causing a crack or break invisible to the eye but nevertheless impacting the sensor, your phone has been exposed to excessive moisture or sun exposure and the sensor is no longer responding.

Accessoires Asus offers you on this page new Asus fingerprint sensors, 100% original and Asus manufactured certified. You will find references compatible with many models of the Zenfone at incredible prices, in order to regain full use.
You can choose from the available colors (white, pink, black, gold, gray, red, blue) to tune your new fingerprint reader to the rest of your smartphone as if it were the original part. All our models are equipped with finger detection to optimize its use to the maximum by unlocking your device almost instantly as needed and with any finger following your occupation and the way you hold the phone.
In addition, you have the ability to record fingers from different hands, to ensure optimal use even in case of injury or cut. This authentication by digital borrowing will allow you to be the master of your smartphone, and to be reassured about the protection of your contents and personal information in case of loss or theft of your device; not to mention that your fingerprint can also be used to open certain applications and files by ensuring their security.

In order to avoid paying a professional only for the labor, our team offers a small method to change your fingerprint reader yourself.
- Turn off your phone before starting any operation and get your SIM card extraction tool, a small flat screwdriver and a Phillips screwdriver:
- Insert the extraction tool of the SIM card in the drawer of this one then remove the complete drawer
- To remove the back cover of your phone, fully heat it with a hair dryer for about 2 minutes
- Then insert the flat screwdriver into the gap between the back cover and the rest of the phone, starting at the bottom and gently going up around the phone.
- Then grab the rear panel and remove it
- Using the screwdriver unscrew all the screws on the chassis
- Using the flat screwdriver disconnect the interconnect cable and the fingerprint sensor connector (two small clips around the camera)
- Then gently pry to unclip the right side of the chassis, located to the right of the camera
- Then unclip the upper part of the inner frame and remove it
- Then carefully take off the impression sensor using the flat screwdriver
- Replace it with the new one
- Repeat the stepsin the opposite direction to reassemble your Zenfone

In order to accompany you during all your repairs, we offer an Asus dismantling kit, compatible with all your devices of the brand. If you have questions about the repair method or the part to choose, contact our team of professionals who will be happy to help you.

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