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Asus FFC cables for ZenFone

Asus FFC cables for ZenFone

You have purchased an Asus smartphone, the Zenfone, this wonderful computing concept, which combines optimized performance and functionality, long battery life and a maximally optimized mobile photography concept. Like many smartphone users, we take great care of it at first, then our attention decreases with use, storing it in the back of our pocket, in our bag, or even dropping it from carelessness.
It is this lack of concentration or delicacy that damages our phones over time. It turns out that sometimes the damage is only external, but it can also happen that repeated shocks cause irreversible internal damage, which then causes breakdowns or failures of cables.

Your phone no longer detects any network? Are your power and volume buttons unresponsive? Your touch screen no longer reacts to your fingers? Can't operate front or rear flash? No more sound coming from your phone? Have your virtual bottom screen buttons become inactive?
All these symptoms reveal the same thing: you have damaged a cable or FFC of your Asus smartphone, you will then have to change its parts to regain the lost features.

Accessoires Asus presents in this section cables and connectors for Zenfone, perfectly adapted and compatible with all the models of the range (Zenfone 2, Zenfone 3, Zenfone Deluxe, Zenfone 5Z, Zenfone 4 Max,…).
You can buy a wifi antenna coaxial cable that restores the transmission of waves and therefore the presence of networks on your smartphone (remember to measure yours beforehand, two sizes exist), a sidekey cable or a power button flat cable only, if only this button seems defective to you.

FPC cables, flash cables, speaker cables but also virtual key cables and single cables (connection between motherboard and daughter board) are also available to you.

Rest assured as to the right choice in terms of correspondence, each part presents the compatible Zenfone models to make your task easier and if in doubt, our team of professionals is at your disposal to guide you in your purchase.
Also be reassured regarding the quality of the products, all new, they are 100% original and certified by Asus manufacturing with a guarantee to ensure financial security and the sustainability of your acquisitions.

You can also now find all the other spare parts for your Asus phone, such as webcams, vibrators, Sim card holders, frames or even an Asus dismantling kit to refurbish your smartphone!
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