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Asus external smartphone batteries

Asus external smartphone batteries

In this era where the nomadic aspects of technology have become essential, we are sometimes hindered by the battery life of our devices, they are not always enough to enjoy the pleasure of movement for a whole day.
Asus offers an external battery, adaptable to all of your devices (smartphone, camera, tablet, GPS, ...). With its USB port, it extends the battery life of your devices and restores the pleasure of using them during trips, journeys, or walks outdoors.
Boost your autonomy thanks to a Power bank; from now on you will not run out of energy anymore!
No more heavy and bulky external batteries, instead, here is a product design that is lighter and more discreet with the format of a bank card and an average weight ranging from 92 grams to 420 grams depending on the model.
Accessoires Asus offers for sale on its website the entire range of backup batteries (Zen Power, Zen Power slim, Zen Power with dual ports, Zen Power Ultra) to meet your needs according to the power that suits you: ranging from 4000 mAh10 050 mAh, and up to 20 100 mAh to adapt to all types of uses.
Various colors are available (black, white, silver, gold, blue, pink) so you can personalize this battery to all your devices.

These multifunctional charging banks are all equipped with an LED lamp and an intelligent, automatic detection system of the when the charge starts and when the battery is full to preserve its energy and prevent overheating of the connected device. Not to mention the exclusive Asus Power Safe technology that constantly monitors the temperature, reducing the risk of short circuits for maximum protection of your devices during charging.

Asus has put all its innovation and performance knowledge in this battery, which offers ultra accelerated charging speed with top ergonomics so that this battery fits simply in the hand, while being able to offer multiple reloads before recharging. The latest model ZenPower Ultra is even provided with two USB ports to double your possibilities!
This technological innovator has thought of everyone, with its batteries compatible with all types of devices, including those not of the Asus brand to offer each customer the same product and service.
Be reassured about the quality and durability of your external battery; All of our products are new and certified Asus manufactured, with a warranty ranging from 3 months up to 24 months.

Also, find on our site right now all the cables and adapters to connect your equipment to the ZenPower batterycigarette lighter chargers and various protective bags reinforcing this nomadic pleasure and allowing you movement, safety and use of your devices everywhere and every moment.
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