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Buzzer for ZenFone

Buzzer for ZenFone

The buzzing function of your ZenFone 4 Max is broken? No worries, you can change this part easily. On this webpage you will find some official Buzzers for your ZenFone 4 Max, ZenFone 4 Selfie or ZenFone 4 Pro.
You love your new Asus Zenfone smartphone, its sleek design, its ergonomics, its great autonomy or its many features have charmed you. As a working tool or for personal use, Asus smartphones offer all users superb graphics and technological performance with a sophisticated and intuitive interface. This mix of manageability and reliability has given you a new and smoother user experience than ever before. Unfortunately this experience is much less pleasant since your buzzer does not work anymore.
The vibrations of your Zenfone are very weak, even almost imperceptible? The buzzer goes off for no reason intermittently or runs almost all the time? On the contrary your Zenfone does not vibrate at all or in a very punctual way?
So many cases that have probably lost the fluidity of use of your Asus phone that does not notify you of a call or the receipt of a message. You are then forced to be on the alert when you wait for an important call, no longer being warned by your Zenfone.

After turning off, on again or resetting your smartphone, the verdict is clear: the vibrator of the Zenfone is not working, you will have to change it. It may have been because of a fall, a big impact or an oxidation.

Accessoires Asus presents in this section all the official buzzers compatible with all the Zenfone models (Zenfone 2, Zenfone 3, Zenfone Deluxe, Zenfone 5Z, Zenfone 4 Max, ...), 100% original and certified Asus to ensure you reliability and durability of the products. The Zenfone vibration systems are now available for sale, so you can regain full use.

You must then ask yourself how you will proceed once the buzzer is received. Our team offers you a simple method to perform this repair yourself rather than paying a professional to do the job.
- Take a small flat screwdriver, small plier and a Phillips screwdriver and turn off your smartphone before starting
- Using the flat-tipped screwdriver gently unclip the lower part of the back cover and remove it.
- Push the SIM card carefully to remove it, do the same with the Micro SD card
- Now unscrew the various screws on the outer frame that helps maintain it
- Following the model of your Zenfone, unclip the volume button under the webcam using the flat screwdriver
- Now insert the same screwdriver into the gap between the outer frame and the front of your smartphone and gently pry all around to unclip it
- Disconnect the battery by unplugging it. The buzzer is located at the bottom of your phone, just above the port to recharge your smartphone
- Remove the faulty buzzer with the screwdriver and unplug it from its connector and remove it with the pliers
- Position the new buzzer and reassemble your phone following the steps in reverse

Having trouble ordering your part or repairing your Zenfone? Contact now our team of Asus professionals who will accompany you during your navigation and will support you as to the procedure to follow to repair your smartphone.
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