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Asus Buttons for ZenFone

Asus Buttons for ZenFone

Replace the buttons of your Asus ZenFone easily and economically on our site Accessoires Asus. You will find here our large choice of buttons compatible with the different ZenFone models at the best prices.
In this era where smartphones have become unavoidable in everyday life and even essential for some, these mobile devices accompany us everywhere and are used for everything. This is the case of your Asus Zenfone, with its great autonomy and detailed graphics, combining beauty, performance and intuitive interface. Having it in your pocket or at the bottom of your purse has become a habit, but by not paying attention to our phone during our travels, we end up damaging it.
Today it is the buttons or the entire sidekey FFC of your Asus smartphone that is faulty and without them the use of your phone is much less fluid!

Your power button stops responding and prevents you from turning your phone back on? It works partially? When you press the on/off button does it sink in, shift to the side and no longer return to central position?
Maybe you lost the volume button during a trip? Cannot adjust volume during your calls? The sound button does not respond when you listen to music or watch videos? The button got stuck, preventing you from adjusting to your liking?
Whether your start button and / or the sound is broken or lost, in addition to the unsightly appearance, this poses a real problem during daily use. Whether it is due to poor transport conditions, a fall, or the key getting clogged, it is time to replace this defective button.

Recently, the power button of your ZenFone has been causing you a problem: it works randomly, sinks or shifts to the side or even seems inactive, preventing you from using your Asus smartphone.
To restore the fluidity of your daily use, we offer in this section 100% original start buttons to replace yours. This on / off button is available in various colors.

Accessoires Asus offers a section entirely dedicated to the side buttons of your Zenfone, with many models compatible with the full range of Asus phones (Zenfone 2, Zenfone 3, Zenfone Deluxe, Zenfone 5Z, Zenfone 4 Max...) to allow you to replace easily and economically your buttons at the best price.
Available in various colors (black, green, white, silver, red, gray) to match the design of your smartphone, as well as + / - buttons (white, green, black, gray, midnight blue, red); these various elements are brand new, 100% original and Asus manufactured certified to ensure you quality and durability.
You will also find complete sidekey FFC's (strip) which include the volume button and the power button if the fault does not just include damaged buttons but their connections to the rest of the smartphone. They are also available in several colors (pink, gold, black, green).

The change of keys can be done simply and easily, without the need to call a professional. Attention, as a precaution and before handling or changing parts on your Asus smartphone, consider making a full backup of your various data before turning off your mobile.

Procedure for the on / off button and the sound button:
- Using a small flat screwdriver gently unclip the lower part of the back cover and remove it.
- Then unscrew the various Phillips screws holding the outer frame of your phone and remove them
- Slowly unplug the button cables and replace the defective or lost buttons with the new buttons
- Carefully reconnect the FFC with the flat screwdriver
- Repeat the steps in reverse order to reassemble the cover and frame of the phone

For any questions or doubts about the repair, our team of Asus experts are at your disposal to assist and advise you as efficiently as possible.
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