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Battery for ZenFone

Battery for ZenFone

The inventiveness of Asus, a global manufacturer, has led it to manufacture its own hybrid smartphones called Zenfones in recent years. Accessoires Asus offers for sale all Asus smartphones, accessories and spare parts for any repair, improvement, or replacement concerning their wide range of products (tablets, computers, laptops, connected watches, etc.). You will find on this page batteries to replace the one that is faulty on your phone.
Several cases are common: the battery loses autonomy, it seems weak and no longer holds a charge, often due to overuse or poor maintenance. Be careful to test your charger to ensure the fault comes from the battery before ordering a new one.

Here are some professional tips to ensure better durability of your phone battery: do not recharge overnight (possible damage if the battery is full and continues to charge); conversely, do not wait until the phone has been fully drained and turned off before recharging; do not charge a hot or cold phone, avoid placing the phone in front of a heat source (loss of battery life); remember to run a full cycle the first time you use it (full charge then full discharge).

If it's time to replace your battery, Accessoires Asus offers a selection for the Zenfone's entire range and models (Zenfone Max, Zenfone Selfie, Zenfone Go, Zenfone Live, Zenfone Pro, etc.). Depending on the model, you will find a wide choice in terms of capacity: from 1170mAh up to 5000mAh, through 2900mAh or 4600mAh.
In addition, once the product is selected, our site will suggest a list of various accessories and spare parts perfectly compatible with your smartphone, to repair, improve or supplement your device. Do not hesitate to get an external battery, it will allow you to quickly recharge your phone.

All of our products are new, and certified Asus manufactured, which ensures quality and durability of the product; we also assure you a quick delivery.

Discover now the whole range of Zenfones on our site.You will find them sold alone, or in the form of packs accompanied by the back cover and tempered glass to ensure you full protection from the start.

Thanks to its history as a manufacturer of electronic components, the Asus brand has combined quality, power and performance to produce products that meet the needs of everyone, while maintaining quality innovations and new products with competitive and appealing prices. Recognized for the quality and reliability of its devices, Asus has created many products and accessories that perfectly match the daily use of this new pro-technology generation.
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