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Audio jack for Zenfone

Audio jack for Zenfone

In this era where computer innovations and technological advances guide our way, our ways of consuming and more particularly our relationship with computers have been completely disrupted. This is the case, for example, with our use of smartphones; Before, they were a simple device for making calls outside the home, and today they have become a real connected object with varied and multiple applications.
Your Asus phone has become your little pocket computer and allows you to stay connected with your friends, whether over the phone or on social networks, to browse and do all kinds of research, to play, to use GPS. , or use it as a camera or speaker. And for these uses to become every day and natural, many accessories are out to be associated with particular functions.
This is for example the case of headphones or external telephone speakers who have put forward this use "pleasure" of the phone, today everyone uses his mobile to listen to music at home, in transport common, on vacation, sport, etc.
Unfortunately, the jack outlet of your Zenfone, this audio connector so valuable, no longer works. The connection was clogged with dust or bacteria, clogged by the broken jack inside, twisted or warped as a result of an accidental fall, or simply overheated or a short circuit. You can not connect any pair of headphones or speakers.

Accessoires Asus offers to easily remedy this problem, replacing only the spare part concerned and thus find all the pleasure of hearing your Asus ZenFone ! Specialist of spare parts and components, we offer for sale audio connectors jack 100% Asus original, with many models designed specifically for the entire range of ZenFone (ZenFone 3, ZenFone V, ZenFone 4 Pro, ZenFone Laser. .).

You will be able to find easily the part corresponding to your mobile and to change it. The jack connector is already equipped with its FFC cables that will allow you easy connection without the need to change other components!

Be careful though, some models of audio jack are soldering yourself (5 pins) and require knowledge and important computer skills to be able to achieve these microsoudures without damaging neighboring parts..

You may also experience an audio failure because of the internal speakers. If you have a doubt and you can not distinguish which is the fault that concerns you, get closer to our team of specialists who will advise you best and guide you to restore all the beautiful features to your smartphone Asus.


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