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Asus ZenFone Compatible Accessories

Asus ZenFone Compatible Accessories

Asus, a master in the construction and innovation of its products, is constantly in search of technological perfection and ever more developed aesthetics. Its goal is simple: understand the needs of its users to develop quality solutions to meet their various expectations.

iBroz and iGuard, suppliers recognized for their accessories of many high tech giants (smartphones, tablets, go pro, game consoles, media players, ...) have decided to take up the challenge by manufacturing protections for Asus smartphones.
Having become the benchmark in terms of the most innovative accessories on the market and constantly developing its range with recent and popular gadgets, iBroz and iGuard now offer numerous protections for the entire range of Zenfone.
Accessoires Asus has decided to devote a section on its website dedicated exclusively to iBroz and iGuard accessories for the Zenfone, so that the users of the brand have an even wider choice of high quality products with always competitive prices.

You will be able to take advantage of the most robust protections of the market and 100% compatible with your Zenfone, thanks to the covers iBroz and iGuard, marks certified by Asus!

You will find especially toughened glasses known to be 5 times stronger than standard glasses, with a shockproof and anti-scratch guarantee thanks to its high level materials.
Also available are back covers, whether you want them transparent, leather or colorful, but also stylish protective covers, flaps to protect your entire smartphone Asus, leather cases with storage for card or even cases with crutch to switch to video mode when you want and all that with different models and colors!

All of these iBroz screen protectors provide 100% protection with maximum digital sensitivity; its oleophobic surface treatment ensures that your screen stays clean under all circumstances (anti-fingerprints and anti-grease).

In addition to the many products sold individually, protective packs are also offered to acquire several accessories at once and at a reduced price!
You will discover bundles of screen protections (2 protective films, installation manual and cleaning set), or even more complex packs that feature a cover, a protective screen and a wireless speaker.
Finally, iBroz and iGuard also sell Zenpad protections to complement the safety and durability of your Asus equipment while providing elegance with worked designs.

And if you have not found the protection you need in the iBroz range, you can also look into the Asus protections!
All of our accessories are new and guaranteed 12 months.

A doubt or a question? Contact our service team who will answer all your questions and guide you during your navigation.

Discover now also our complete range of Zenfone accessories, where you are presented with your Zenpower external batteries, your chargers, your screens or your headphones.

And don't forget that for any purchase of a Zenfone the shipping costs are free!
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