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Asus ZenFone adapter

Asus ZenFone adapter

How to quickly and efficiently charge your Zenfone?
We have to recharge our mobile phone regularly because we use it in our daily lives for making calls and appointments, taking photos and notes or checking social networks. The use of all these applications consumes energy.
We also want the charge to be fast because today, we live in a frenetic world, ultra fast, demanding, sometimes intolerant to the errors that we can make.
Owning a single charger, in everyday life, is now insufficient and it is therefore essential to have chargers in several in different rooms of the house, office or car to avoid ending up without an operational phone.
We offer high quality Battery Chargers that will provide enough power to your device so you can achieve all your goals! These adapters will allow you to charge your Zenfone twice as fast from an AC outlet with its USB cable.
 Modern technology: fast loading and automatic shutdown
 High Performance Construction: Flexible, Heavy Duty Charger Cable
 Safety and Reliability against: Shortcircuits, Overheating, Overvoltage
 Adaptable and Practical this Charger is also optimal for taking your devices on a trip. 
 Flexible input voltage & LED signaling charge level

Regardless on how demanding your needs are, the Asus Battery Charger will provide the power you need!
You will find a wide range of ASUS chargers for the Zenfone on our website as well as all ASUS accessories needed for your ZENFONE.
It is also possible that your power cable wears out with time.
We also can provide you with different type A to micro USB type B cables for the Asus Eee Pad and ZenFone that you can buy alone or with the adapter.

Some tips for using your charger:
1. It is recommended to use the original Asus charger to avoid compatibility issues.
2. Please do not leave the device on the ground while charging. Also be careful that the wheels of your office chair do not damage the cable to lead to a short circuit or a false contact.
3. Avoid using different adapters on different computer models. Using an adapter that does not conform to the smartphone's specifications (dimensions, tip, etc.) may cause damage.
4. Please ensure that even if the dimensions and shape of the DC jack coincide, the electrical specifications of the adapter (especially the voltage and amperage, for example 19V / 4.74A) are also appropriate. The adapter or mobile phone may be damaged due to overcharging.

All the products we sell on our site are genuine ASUS quality products.
Know that we offer fast delivery according to your choice, whatever the destination.
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