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Asus miscellaneous items for ZenFone

Asus miscellaneous items for ZenFone

Some time ago, you fell in love with the ZenFone, the Asus smartphone recognized as a source of innovation. Their image quality, their technical advances, their resistance and their design show the beautiful prowess of the brand. In order to meet all the demands and desires of its customers, Asus has made a point of creating Zenfone accessories that are varied, unique and sophisticated like the rest of its range, in order to offer a wide range of possibilities in term of uses of your Zenfone.
Accessoires Asus sells in this section all the essential accessories for your Zenfone to offer you ever more diversified possibilities of use.
Here you will find all the small technical accessories in the event of a broken phone or lost part, such as controller cards with two separate slots for a SIM card and SD card, jack audio connectors to replace your damaged tip, (which may have been broken or clogged by the plug of the earphones), and power cards equipped with a micro USB connector.
You can also enjoy various leisure accessories on which Asus has not skimped in terms of technical development.
At your disposal is a selfie stick that uses Bluetooth or wireless, and can be connected at a distance of up to 10 meters! It's easy to handle, has an adjustable angle of 270°, and is compatible with all Android and IOS devices. We also offer an adapter (USB A to USB B) to connect the phone to your laptop and easily transfer all your media. In addition this adapter can also be used to connect your phone to your game console controller for gamers to enjoy a home console!

Finally there is a car phone holder, so you can follow the GPS easily or read your messages without the need of your hands and a ZenPouch case ideal for transport and 100% waterproof to protect your smartphone from water or snow during your travels, it is available in black and yellow.
All of our accessories are brand new, 100% original and Asus manufactured, to ensure reliability and quality of products even when it comes to accessories.
We ensure fast delivery and you will have a 14-day satisfaction guarantee option because your satisfaction is our priority.

For any questions or requests, just email our Asus team who will assist you according to your needs.

Also browse our wide range of Zenfone covers and screen protectors to ensure the safety and durability of your device, and don't forget to equip yourself with a battery backup that will allow you to extend the endurance of your smartphone.
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