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Other products Winter Sales

Other products Winter Sales

Great! It's finally the 2022 winter sale! It's the perfect time to take advantage of many discounts! This year, the sales start on Wednesday, January 12 and will end on February 8, 2022. Accessoires Asus offers you exceptional sales this year on many Asus ROG accessories, carefully selected by us, to best meet your expectations.
Don't miss out on all these great deals!
Do you own a Zenfone 8 or a Zenfone 8 Flip, and want to protect it from shocks and other damage encountered in everyday life?
Accessoires Asus has thought of you by offering protective covers at crazy prices during this period of sales.
Discover the models of protective cases specially designed for your Zenfone 8, and have the choice between the black protective shell or the carbon protective shell.

If you are often on the move, you may have many activities that do not always allow you to charge your phone, your tablet or your camera with a wall charger, so we have the solution: buy a Zenpower external battery, available in gold. You will no longer have issues of a dying phone battery, as the Zenpower battery can accompany you in your every movement. Good news, this external battery is very cheap!
To complete the accessories of your Asus smartphone, think of the Bluetooth selfie stick, to take selfies easily. Equipped with a strap to prevent falls, it will automatically go to sleep after 10 minutes without use.
We also carry all the spare parts and accessories for Asus smartphones, whether you need a case, a battery or a charger.
Take advantage of our exceptional discounts on all gaming accessories. To store your gamer mouse and mouse pad, Accessoires Asus offers you the sublime ROG Suitcase, designed in very resistant materials, it will effectively protect your ROG equipment.
Surprise your friends and family by offering useful and inexpensive gifts during our sales.
Accessoires Asus assures you a fast delivery and a secure payment so go ahead, go for it!

Discover all our other products at incredible prices during the winter sales!
You just bought a new or refurbished laptop, and you want to extend the warranty of your device? We have the solution, opt for the Premium Care one-year warranty extension. This insurance covers the replacement or repair costs of your Asus equipment. Take advantage of this sale to extend the warranty of your Asus device, this Asus warranty extension is now offered at an incredible rate!
We also have a great webcam for your Asus laptop, for sharper and smoother video streaming. You can connect it via the USB port and it can be placed anywhere on your desktop or your computer; it is also offered at a very attractive price! Hurry, these deals won't last forever!
Need to turn your hard drive into an external hard drive? We have the solution for you, discover the Asus SSD M.2NVMe ROG Strix Arion case, it is covered with an ultra resistant aluminum alloy.

Discover all our other Asus ROG gamer products benefiting from great prices during the winter sales, like smartphones, gaming headsets, gaming mice, gaming keyboards, backpacks, and don't forget Gaming mouse pads too!
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