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Spare parts for Asus VivoPC

Spare parts for Asus VivoPC

If you are on this page, you are the holder of an Asus computer from the VivoPC range of all the series and models (VM40, VC60, VM62) and you are certainly looking for spare parts or components to perfect its use or to repair faulty or broken parts.
This mini-laptop, combining stylish design, elegance and versatility is ideal for entertainment or for simple and everyday tasks. Ready to use right out of the box, and equipped with a mouse and a keyboard, its installation is very fast and comes down simply to the connection of the screen on the VivoPC.
But with the time and the hours of use, it is possible that your mini-pc is victim of slowdowns, of breakdowns or that it comprises defective accessories due to a bad maintenance or a constant intensive usage.
Accessoires Asus offers you directly online all the equipment for your VivoPC to refurbish your installation at a lower cost, without the need to change the computer completely.

It is here that you can then control the essential elements for the proper use of your computer such as keyboards, mice, chargers or adapters.
You will also find all the other accessories such as screws, brackets, fixing kits, hard drive holders etc. Also, available for sale on our site, are all the controllers cards, memory cards, Wi-Fi cards, fans or infrared dongles.

It is not your cup of tea and you are afraid to make a mistake when ordering? Don't worry, two options are available for you. The first, directly on our website, you will find our meta configurator that will sort all of our products to meet your demand perfectly. Indeed, once you have informed the type of device, the series and the model of your Asus installation, it will select for you all the accessories and spare parts compatible with your computer and available on our website.

How does it work? Take the VivoPC VM65 for example, known to be small and powerful, this device quickly becomes irreplaceable especially when it comes to daily use! You can then in one click, choose a new mouse, find an adapter or buy a new memory module. And all this while being assured of the good correspondence between the products ordered and your computer. You will then be able to order the items you need without any doubts. In addition, if a question persists, our Service Team remains at your disposal to answer questions and advise you best according to your needs.
Also find the details of each model of VivoPC to better understand your needs.

All the products offered by Accessoires Asus are new, certified Asus manufactured and still under warranty, from 3 months to 24 months, to ensure professionalism, performance and quality of the product.

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