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Tower Power Supply

Tower Power Supply

The fixed computer and laptop are fighting a bitter battle for many years to find out which of the two will remain in the end and today it turns out that it will be both! Indeed the desktop is no longer really in competition with his mobile cousin but rather occupied by a different use. This family computer still ensures today a place on the market between families, gamers and professionals. It offers many advantages as its great power almost always superior to a laptop, its comfort more important by the different possible settings (height of the screen, the keyboard, etc) and especially its capacity of scalability (easier to repair and to evolve according to the desires). It's all these reasons that made you buy an Asus desktop computer; but today you can not use it at all: the power supply of the tower no longer works.
Home computer with intelligent multimedia performance, your Asus tower has charmed you with the versatility of the features, the ultra-realistic graphics as well as the sound, its incredibly quiet operation and its developed connectivity. But today the tower of your desktop does not want to turn on and you can not use your computer anymore? When you press the power button no noise is emitted by the pc? You have tried everything but even the fans do not start anymore? You have reset the electrical protection system because you may have had surges but nothing has changed? Your power supply has worn out naturally and you would like to buy a new, more powerful or quieter one?

Accessoires Asus, specializes in Asus spare parts so that you can repair your equipment and ensure durability, offers for sale in this section Asus official power supply units.

Our site sells power supplies of different powers: from 200W to 300W through 350W power supply, whether you have a VivoPC, a ROG or any other Asus desktop.

You will be able to make this change of power yourself easily. In general, the power supply unit is fixed by means of 4 screws and the power cords connected to the motherboard which most of the time have a key to avoid any connection error to facilitate the change of parts.

Do you have any doubts about which power supply to choose for your computer or would you like some advice on how to make this change? Do not hesitate to contact our team of Asus professionals, at your disposal to advise you and help you in your efforts to repair or improve your system.

Browse our site and find the Asus accessories for your tower, including cases, cables, keyboards, recorders or even chargers.
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