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Asus Laptop Motherboard

Which motherboard should I buy for my Asus Tower?

The desktop motherboard is an essential component of your device, it is a large circuit board that connects various components that make up your ASUS Desktop PC. The processor, the graphics card, the SSD hard disk, the disk classic hard drive, the RAM, and the fan. The motherboard plays a fundamental role in the proper functioning of your lathe. You will also find on the motherboard the connectors for external outputs, that is to say, the USB sockets, the sound outputs, the network sockets which allow you to connect your speakers as well as your external hard drive. The motherboard manages the correct configuration of all these elements so that it is recognized by the system. This set works through the BIOS or System Setup. The BIOS is software embedded on a memory chip placed on the motherboard of your desktop PC, it is the interface between its components and the operating system.

Do you want to replace the motherboard of your Asus desktop computer? Follow all our valuable advice in this tutorial.

To buy the motherboard for your Asus desktop computer, you must take into account some important criteria:

- The size of your box
- The motherboard power you are looking for
- The amount of RAM you want
- The speed of your processor

Attention, your motherboard, your processor, and your socket must be 100% compatible. The socket is a square filled with small dots on which the motherboard of your PC is positioned.

Accessories Asus has selected for you the best motherboards for your Asus tower, in order to offer you new functionalities (PCI express ports) exceptional manufacturing quality, the manufacturer Asus is recognized worldwide for the quality of its components used in the manufacture of its motherboards. It was in 1989 that the Taiwanese brand created the first Asus motherboard: ISA-386C, in 10 years more than 24 million motherboards have been sold worldwide!
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Choose the Asus motherboard compatible with your tower: the A78M-E motherboard for the Asus D415MT tower and BM2DK tower.

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