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RAM Memory for desktop

Random access memory, RAM, is your computer's short-term memory. No file, program, or video could function without the RAM as it allows to process each request that you send to your system: read, open, extract, save, etc ... It is therefore essential, crucial for the proper functioning of your PC. Having a sufficient amount of RAM memory in your computer is usually the key to a fast, non-lagging system.
Is your desktop PC starting to slow down and not as fast as it used to be? Over time, components lose performance and your computer is plagued by gigabytes of data. A simple solution to this is to add RAM memory modules if your PC has the appropriate additional slots! It will thus be able to perform a multitude of tasks much faster than before.
Accessoires-Asus offers different types of RAM memory modules for sale in order to expand your ROG computer's capability to meet the needs of new games and keep up with your current ones.

In general, it is suitable for a gaming-oriented desktop computer to have at least 16 GB of RAM to have a normal and efficient operation in the game. Reach the 32 GB and you will no longer have to worry about running out of memory processing, this is suitable for strategy or other games with many simultaneous processes that require a lot of RAM. Finally, 64 GB are generally not necessary if you only want to do gaming, these are rather studio, graphic designer, designer type profiles with heavy image processing programs. Hardly any game will be able to put 64 GB of RAM to good use.
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