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Tower Fan

Tower Fan

Your tower overheats then goes off? Your desktop is very noisy and very hot to the touch? The temperature seems very high at the level of the air outlet? The cooler works very hard and runs all the time at maximum for no apparent reason? You have disassembled your tower to clean all the dust and residue absorbed by your fan but nothing helps? This dull sound persists through turning on to turning off the system? The computer approaches a high temperature almost immediately after it is turned on? Your fan does not work anymore?
As you must know, for your Asus tower to work properly and sustainably the proper functioning of the cooling system is essential.
Indeed many parts and components of your computer give off heat during their operation (processor for example) that it is necessary to evacuate to avoid overheating and damage. This is where the ventilation system intervenes by actively ventilating and cooling the interior of the computer with fresh air, while releasing hot air outside such as a ventilation duct.
But without regular maintenance, with the age of the system and possible obstructions of the air inlet and outlet, the mechanism of the aeration system is clogged, it is important to stop using your computer until you repair the ventilation for risk of putting an end to all his loyal services definitely!

Accessoires Asus, which works and innovates to offer you durable and efficient spare parts and accessories, offers official fans and fan cables for the Asus towers, so that you can enjoy your equipment and advantages as long as possible. You will be able to buy a new Asus fan, whether you want a CPU fan or a CHA fan, thanks to our parts that are 100% original and with warranty.

Certified and manufactured by Asus, our fans ensure you optimal and safe performance while meeting the quality requirements of your equipment.

You will be able to buy CPU fans, Asus ROG processor cooling system and CHA fans, cooling the complete case.
These fans are sold alone without their passive copper heatsinks.
We also offer fan cables to connect to the motherboard if it is your faulty cooling cable.

Regarding the change of the fan, we advise you to carry out this repair yourself. The Asus towers are appreciated for their ease of repair and evolution thanks to their easy disassembly and reassembly, even for an amateur.
If you lack the right tools, do not panic, we offer for sale the Asus dismantling kit compatible with all the products of the Asus brand.

Do you have any questions or need additional information to do the repair yourself? Get closer now to our team of Asus experts, specialists and users, they will provide you with all the details and instructions.

Take a stroll on our site and discover also our wide range of Asus accessories for the tower, where you will find, for example, wifi, cables, or control cards.
We also offer a category dedicated to ROG products so that you can easily and quickly find what you are missing.
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