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Tower Controler board

Asus desktops offer a number of advantages, but one of those that has convinced you the most is undoubtedly its highly developed connectivity. Indeed, it is rare for fixed computers to have a sufficient number of ports to connect all the desired peripherals, it is then common to acquire additional docking stations. But Asus, which knows more about these connectivity needs with its ROG range, has extended its knowledge to other PC series sets like the Gaming computers and VivoPC computers. Unfortunately for some time the different ports of the computer no longer work: it is the controller card that is then concerned.
The ports present on the front of your Asus tower operate in a very random way? Fouling or contact wear has damaged your USB port? You broke an object inside the jack that it became unusable? You connect various devices but your pc does not react at all? It's time to change the controller board of your Asus tower!
Various cases are possible concerning the electrical failure of this card, but in general it has been damaged as a result of a surge or as a result of electrical damage; your card may be in good condition, but one or more ports may not work anymore. However changing only one port turns out to be a very delicate mission due to tiny welds, so it's much safer to change the entire controller board.

The controller card allows your computer to communicate with another device and thus manages the inputs / outputs, as well as the operation of the device associated with it (USB keys, external hard disk, CD player, etc.). Luckily, Asus having started as a motherboard manufacturer, this innovator uses its knowledge and performance capabilities to offer its customers all the spare parts and components to enable the repair and improvement of its equipment over time.
Accessoires Asus, specialized in the sale of Asus spare parts to allow you all the possible repairs, offers for sale in this section the official Asus controller cards for the tower, so that you can enjoy as long as possible your equipment and its connectivity.
You will be able to buy an Asus controller card, and rediscover the full use of the various ports that have become infunctional, thanks to our parts that are 100% original and with warranty.
Certified and manufactured by Asus, our Asus controller cards ensure you optimal and safe performance while meeting the quality requirements of your equipment.
Many controller board models are available with varying ports and quantities depending on your needs or expectations, for example, you can choose a daughter board equipped with 2 USB 2 ports, 2 audio jacks and 2 USB 3 ports; or for example a daughter card equipped with 2 USB 3 ports, 2 audio jacks and an SD card reader.
A wide choice is available to adapt to your equipment and your habits in terms of peripherals.
We also sell an additional Trusted Platform Module (TPM) Encryption Card for the motherboard, which allows you to secure a system using encryption keys stored on this card.
Do you have questions or need additional information about the controller cards or any other spare part? Contact now our team of Asus professionals, at your disposal to support you in all your repairs or your system improvements.
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