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Accessories for Asus Desktop Tower

Which components and accessories should I buy for my Asus Tower?

Despite the surge of laptops, desktop computers are still generally more powerful than their mobile competitors. That's why Asus, the king of performance and computer evolution, has made it a point to create towers that are ever more powerful and easier to install. Whether you want to upgrade your equipment, change some components or repair a faulty part, Asus shares its know-how with you by offering spare parts and accessories to meet everyone's needs.

Read our article to find out about the many benefits of using a desktop.

Fixed computers (also called desktops) are known to cool and ventilate better than laptops and are easier to upgrade and repair due to their larger than average parts. Despite their greater weight and size, Asus has been able to offer a range of desktops, suitable for different targets and needs, while maintaining this ascendancy in performance and design, whether it's your work tool or your gaming companion. No matter which series you own (VivoPC, ROG, Gaming) or which model (VivoPc K20, VivoPc K31, ROG GD30CI, ROG G12, G11DF, G11CD), Accessoires Asus offers you the accessories and spare parts you need to perfect your Asus tower and fulfill all your technology needs.

Among our wide range, you will find essential accessories, such as chargers and their adapter supports 120W, 180W, 230W, burners or wired keyboards.
Discover also our wide range of cables, such as power cables, associated with the fan, for the ignition card or the one linking the ignition button to the motherboard, to be connected directly to your tower.
Find WiFi cards and mobile WiFi antennas, controller cards, fans, various covers (for chargers, for burners), backlit covers or tower chassis, and any other element associated with your desktop computer, whether it concerns its design or its performance.

Buy your Asus Tower parts here 

Our configurator will guide you through our site and help you find the right products for your Asus desktop computer and ensure your search is successful.
Our Service Team is available to assist you with any repairs or upgrades to your equipment, providing you with the best possible advice based on your budget and requirements to give you a unique experience.
Asus makes it a point of honour to bring you ever more efficient and innovative products, so that your computer and its skills are effective over time and in constant improvement. All the products and components you will find on our Accessoires Asus website are brand new, certified Asus-manufactured and under warranty to ensure reliability, quality and durability of the items you purchase.

Browse our site and discover our wide range of ROG accessories to make your installation as essential as it is enjoyable to use, with quick delivery guaranteed !
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