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Accessories for Asus Desktop Tower

Accessories for Asus Desktop Tower

Despite the surge of laptops, the so-called fixed or desktop computers generally remain more powerful than their mobile competitors. That's why Asus, the king of performance and computer evolution, has made it a point of honor to create increasingly efficient and easy-to-install towers. Whether you want to upgrade your equipment, change parts, or fix a defective or slow-performing item, Asus shares its know-how with parts and accessories to meet your needs.
Fixed computers (known as desktops), are known to cool and ventilate better than laptops, remain easier to upgrade and repair due to their various larger parts than average laptops. Despite being heavier and larger, Asus has been able to offer a variety of desktops, tailored to different targets and needs, while maintaining its performance and design climb - regardless if its your tool for work or your gaming companion.
Regardless of which series you own (VivoPC, ROG, Gaming) and the various other models (VivoPc K20, VivoPc K31, ROG GD30CI, ROG G12, G11DF, G11CD), Accessoires Asus offers you all the accessories and spare parts needed to perfect your Asus ride and fill all your desires and needs in terms of technology.

Among our wide range you will find all the essential accessories such as chargers and their supports (120W, 180W, 230W adapters), engravers or wired keyboards. Discover also our wide selection of the various necessary cables, such as those for the power supply, associated with the fan, for the card of ignition or power button and the motherboard, to connect directly on your tower.
Also find Wifi cards and WiFi mobile antennas, controllers cards, fans of various caches (for charger, for recorder), backlit covers or tower frames, and all other products associated with your computer, that are meant for its design or its performance.

Our meta-configurator will accompany you during each of your navigations on our site and will help you find products appropriate for your computer Asus and always compatible with its various elements to ensure the success of your research. Our Service Team is always at your disposal to assist you in the repairs or improvements of your equipment, advising you the best according to your budget and your request while offering you a unique experience.

Asus puts a point of honor to bring you ever more powerful and innovative products, so that your computer and its performance are effective in time and constantly improving. All of the products and components you will find on our Accessoires Asus site are brand new, certified Asus manufactured and under warranty to ensure reliability, quality and durability of the items purchased.

Browse our site and discover all our promotional offers and our wide selection of ROG accessories to make your installation as unavoidable as it is pleasant to use, with delivery guaranteed within 24 and 48 hours!
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