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Our website,, is an online shop from SAS France Accessoires company, an official reseller of brand new accessories and spare parts from Asus brand.
All of our products are official Asus and brand new.

With more than 200,000 new items in stock and around 15,000 references, SAS France Accessoires strives to satisfy each customer and locate any spare parts you may need for your Asus brand device.

Having many years of experience in the spare parts market for Asus laptops, tablets, ZenFones, ZenPads, EeePCs, PDAs, EeeBox, EeePads, and LCD Panels makes us reputable, knowledgeable, and well respected within this community.



Since 1989, Asus has been a worldwide player in the computer and laptop market. Ambitious to advance technologically, Asus created computer series revolving around quality, efficiency, reliability and safety. Asus devices are designed with the consumer in mind, made of top quality, replaceable components that make repairs and upgrades easy.

The name Asus comes from the four last letters of Pegasus, the famous winged horse from Greek mythology - symbol of knowledge and wisdom. Represented by this royal creature, Asus summons strength, creativity, and inspiration to offer the best quality products; always in search of innovation and the incredible.

Asus employs over 10,000 people, having one of the best and most efficient R&D (Research and Development) teams in the world, recognized for its quality products and innovations. Considered a leader in the 2.0 Era, Asus offers a complete and vast range of devices ideal for all customers, rival to only the highest performing brands.

Asus is committed to offering innovative, quality products. This commitment is captured in its logo: "In search of Incredible", and confirmed by 4,368 international awards and accolades from several media sources, industries, and even governments.
In 2008, ASUS received 3056 awards, an average of 8 per day.
ASUS revenues for that year were about US $8.1 billion, placing ASUS at the top spot of Best 10 Taiwanese brands of the world in the computer category.