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Asus Tablet speakers

You are not satisfied with your tablets' audio performances? Order a brand-new Asus speaker at the best price on our online shop.
You are the lucky holder of an Asus tablet, this small device that is positioned between the smartphone and the laptop, ideal for people with a high mobility, whether professional or personal; but the tablet is also ideal for entertainment and multimedia entertainment (videos, games, music ..). Its solid configuration, its beautiful design and its affordable price make it a public object, and it is for all these reasons that you have chosen it. Combining VisualMaster image technology with SonicMaster sound technology, Asus tablets offer incredible graphics with powerful sound quality and effects. Unfortunately your enjoyment of use has been shortened since the Asus speakers no longer work.
Your tablet no longer sounds, you can only hear it by plugging a headset or a pair of headphones? Your speakers are crackling? The sound comes and goes randomly? No more sound coming out of your pc or only on one side? You can listen to music with headphones, speakers or earphones(HDMI, jack, Bluetooth) but not directly from the output of the internal speakers? You have checked all the connections, and tested any interference (telephone, radio ..
) but nothing helps? The bass of your computer no longer suits you, and you plan to replace them?
Accessoires Asus, with the aim of always improving and repairing your existing equipment rather than replacing them, offers you Asus internal loudspeakers for sale within this section.
You will be able to change the speakers of your tablet, and find its power of sound for all your entertainment with 100% original products and all guaranteed, to ensure quality and durability.
Certified and manufactured by Asus, our speakers ensure you optimal and safe performance while meeting the quality requirements of your equipment.
This page includes the complete bass kit and left, and right speakers sold separately depending of your failure and the Asus tablet model you own.
You will find all the speakers for the ZenPad, Memo Pad, FonePad, VivoTab and Nexus.
You will then be able to perform this repair yourself, easily and quickly. Before you begin, make sure you turn off your tablet and unplug it from any power source before handling. Equip yourself with a flat-head screwdriver and a small Phillips screwdriver before you begin:
- Insert the flat screwdriver in the gap between the back cover and the screen to dislodge them by going all around.
- Once the hull removed, lift the sticker concealing the connection of the speakers, pass the screwdriver under these son and lever at their base to unplug the connector
- Now unscrew the different screws holding the loudspeaker in place then lift it up to remove it
- Replace it with the new speaker and reverse the steps to put your tablet back together
Find our Asus dismantling kit to carry out all your repairs in peace.
You have a problem during the change of parts, or would you like to be advised before ordering? Our team of Asus specialists are at your disposal for any further information or for informed precisions so that your repairs and your purchases are always carried out for the best.
Take advantage of your navigation to discover all of our Asus accessories for official tablets; but also our wide range of spare parts for tablets including buttons, screen contours, controller cards, batteries or chargers.
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