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Asus screws sets

Asus tablet screws

Lost a screw? Find here all the screws sets you need for your Asus tablet, like the Torx screws for the Zenbook, for example.
You've fallen for an Asus tablet (Eee Slate, FonePad, Memo Pad, Nexus, Transformer Pad, Vivo Tab, ZenPad); Nomadic tool ideal for your travels whether professional or personal. Lightweight, ergonomic and offering various features this small screen is ideal for your use and especially to limit your space. Surely you have disassembled your tablet to clean the fan, make a repair or change some parts, and you noticed in the back that you had lost one of its tiny screws that helps attach the various elements between them? It is also possible that the screws on the back cover simply loosened and you unfortunately did not realize it right away that you had lost them, probably because of their very small size and the many transports that your tablet has undergone. ?
It is true that the very small format of these Asus fasteners used for fastening allows you to offer a tablet as compact as possible. However, this usually leads to their loss as soon as you start disassembling your tablet without paying attention to these tiny parts, or even that they have loosened over time until they come off without you noticing. You are then looking for an Asus hardware kit.

A small point is needed: it is strongly discouraged not to replace these screws! Indeed, many of us continue to be persuaded, wrongly, that the few screws missing from all the screws present is not very serious. Well, it's a mistake! Indeed, over time, the movement of your tablet, the vibrations from the fan or with the heat, the plastics expand and the various elements can then have some play and thus cause breakage at the level of the plastic itself. your tablet, which can be irreversible.

Accessoires Asus, specializes in the sale of Asus spare parts to offer you all the possible repairs, offers for sale in this section official Asus tablet screws for you to enjoy as long as possible your equipment and all its advantages.
You will be able to buy an Asus screw kit, and rediscover the pleasures of a solid and transportable device thanks to our parts that are 100% original and under warranty .

In particular, torx screw kits are available to fix the bottom of your tablet firmly and durably; whether you want a lot of screws of 4 or a lot of screws of 10 according to your needs.
So that you can easily and quickly reposition these screws in their respective locations, our team also offers the Asus mounting kit containing all the necessary tools and are adapted to your tablet and any Asus hardware.

For any questions or confirmation of correspondence between the selected product and your Asus device, turn to our team of Asus specialists. At your request they will bring you all the necessary elements and knowledge that you are asking for.

Take a stroll on our site and discover our wide range of Asus spare parts for tablets, including power connectors, FFC's, webcams, buttons and even speakers.


Torx screws kit for Asus ZenBook

Torx screws kit for Asus ZenBook
Screws for the Asus ZenBook laptop Replacement set of 4 torx screws for the Asus laptop. ...
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Torx screws for Eee Pad

Torx screws for Eee Pad
Asus EeePad Torx screws, pack of 10....
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