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Asus LCD Panel

Find here all the different LCD panels for the Asus tablet, no matter what model tablet you have, like a Nexus 7, Slider, MemoPad7...
You have become accustomed to using your Asus tablet daily, you like its weight / size ratio, its ergonomics worked, its great ease of mobility and grip and its protection with a dual position that offers you the possibility of adapt its inclination according to the intended use. You can play, reply to e-mails, use office programs or search the internet. But recently you have lost its fluidity of use because of a problem or a failure related to the screen?
Your screen is broken, cracked or sunken? Your backlighting is doing its own? Do you see horizontal or vertical lines on the screen? Dead pixels or tasks appear gradually on your screen? This one has become completely black, and you do not know what to do? Your tablet has probably fallen, a strike or a blow against another object during a trip, for example.

Be careful, it is important to quickly change a broken or cracked screen, for the safety of the user, as tablet components can escape from your screen.
To make sure your display is the cause of the failure, perform a simple test: try using your tablet by connecting it to an external display; if the problem is repeated on the other screen then it is your graphics card (also called "chip") that is involved, if no problem appears on the other screen then there is no doubt: it s is the known diagnosis of an off-service slab!
Accessoires Asus presents in this section the different models of new Asus slabs to repair the screen of your touchpad (Transformerpad, Memopad, Vivopad, Fonepad, EeePad), with products 100% original and certified Asus manufactured for you to ensure reliability and quality at every moment.
Various sizes of slabs will be offered to you: 7 inches, 8 inches, 9 inches and 10 inches.
You will also find all the touch-sensitive windows (black or white) as well as the complete screen modules (slab and screen).
Warning ! Unlike other repairs or changes of spare parts, this repair is very delicate to make for any amateur person. Indeed, the slab change requires some
computer knowledge, we advise you to have this repair done by a professional not to damage the various components of your laptop!
For all other repairs of your tablet, such as changing the screen module, we offer a kit of disassembly tools and a hardware kit, in order to have the right tools to make all the changes of spare parts serenely and professionally.
Do you have any doubt about the part to be changed or the failure of your touchpad? Our service team will answer all your questions by email and offer you a professional accompaniment so that your Internet browsing and the choice of your products are as easy and effective as possible. In addition, we ensure fast delivery to quickly respond to any urgent needs.
Also find on our website all the tablet screen bezels, hinges or protective cases to restore strength and safety to your product.
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