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Asus tablet keyboard

Are you looking for a VivoTab, Transformer Pad or Eee Slate keyboard? Order a brand-new official Asus keyboards on our online shop and have the one you need to use it on the best conditions.
You have purchased an Asus touchpad (Vivo Tab, Transformer Pad or Eee Slate), this small screen combining functionality and ease of mobility, with its office style and productive thanks to its added external keyboard. You then juggle between touch keyboard available on the screen and external keyboard according to your need and the place where you are. This tablet and its physical keyboard have thus allowed you many things like the creation of shortcuts classic but fast, the addition of simple and flexible peripherals, or the use of your tablet as a real hybrid with the addition of a mouse. Your tablet looks like a laptop until the keyboard decides to leave the game!
The top case of the tablet has malfunctions? You hit a key during your many trips? The plastics of your keyboard are broken, cracked or damaged? You split the frame after a shock or accidental fall? The extended hinges break, damaged the top case? Have you broken or lost several keys on your keyboard? You no longer dare to use the keyboard of your tablet, which greatly spoils the nomadic use you made of it?
No matter the failure, changing the top case of the tablet will be less complicated and much less expensive than changing the entire dock.

Accessoires Asus, well aware of the autonomy and added value that this keyboard brings to your tablet, offers for sale in this section new Asus official keyboards.
Whether to restore the functionality provided to your tablet or as a prevention due to the wear of certain keys, we offer 100% original products and all guaranteed to ensure quality and durability.
Certified and manufactured by Asus, our keyboard plastics ensure you optimal and safe performance while meeting the quality requirements of your equipment, to restore your docking station daily efficiency.
Complete modules are available including the Asus top case and its associated keyboard, with multiple colors available (silver, blue, white, red, black, gold ..) to fit both the design of your tablet and your possible desires for customization.
You'll also find wireless Bluetooth keyboards if you want to take advantage of it to change the layout and size of your workspace.
All keyboards are available in multiple languages (Luxembourgish, Swiss, French, American, Belgian, Spanish, Italian etc.).
Before ordering a foreign model, please make a request for availability.
You will be able to find the connectivity and the productivity of your tablet, with a saving of space on the screen as soon as the keyboard is affixed to be able to display in full screen the application in progress, to seize texts more quickly and to realize more efficiently office tasks. Halfway between the lightweight laptop and the touchpad, the Asus tablet and dock makes life and everyday use a lot easier.
This complete mobile solution with a keyboard and a tablet will give you all the flexibility to work.
Do you have questions or doubt about the top case corresponding to your Asus tablet model? Before ordering, get closer to our team of Asus professionals, who will advise you best and will provide you with all the necessary details to ensure the correspondence between the ordered part and equipment owned.
Take advantage of your browsing to discover our wide range of Asus accessories for tablets, but also chargers, fans, batteries, screen tiles or connector accessories to increase your possibilities.
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