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Asus tablet FFC cable

Your Asus tablet FFC cable is damaged? Replace it by finding a good one on our large range available at the best price on our online shop. You will find for example 20 to 42 Pin FFC cables, LCD cables, power key cable, volume cable or FPC cable.
With graphics more real than ever, powerful performance for both leisure and work and autonomy surpasses any test, the Asus tablets continue to surprise us, like the rest of its range. This is probably one of those reasons that made you choose this tablet rather than a laptop. But for some time you have noticed frequent bugs and random failures yet unknown. You then decided to open your touchpad to test its components and take a look at their physical condition, but during the handling you failed to take care of the FFC's (among other things to disconnect) and there comes the drama: one of the cables of connection has torn or folded and since it no longer works.

The power button on your tablet stopped responding? Volume buttons are done for? Your Zenpad has suffered a fall and since you have problems with your screen? The touch or SD card reader no longer works? No worries about this blackout, it is frequent and easily repairable simply by changing the damaged FFC with a new one.
Asus offers you the replacement of your damaged FFC by offering for sale a wide range of connection pads of all types and compatible with all models of Asus tablets (Nexus, Eee Slate, Memopad, Vivotab, Transformer Pad, Zenpad ...).
All of our products are new, 100% original and Asus manufactured certified to ensure professionalism and quality of materials used at all times.
Available for sale here are FFC's from 20 to 42 Pins, as the sidekey FFC is responsible for the functionality of the volume and power buttons, screen layers are responsible for the tacticity, FPC pads of the fans ensure the proper cooling of the system by connecting the fan and motherboard, the touchpad FFC's allow the right and left click through a connection between the dock and the motherboard.
You will also be able to acquire power button cables that are only used to turn on your computer, LCD (video slick) FFC's allow the screen to work properly and is easy to read, as well as basic slips that are between the slab of the screen and the motherboard.
You can not define which FFC you have torn and can not choose the replacement one? Contact our team of Asus professionals, who will be at your disposal to determine your breakdown and help you order the exact piece you need.
Attention, concerning the repair of your FFC and contrary to other changes of spare parts, following the FFC concerned and its location in your tablet we strongly advise you to call a professional to make the repair of your tablecloth to your place, due to the complexity of this repair that requires technical knowledge and experience.
Your tablet has been hit by another failure or some of the parts or components are worn out, it would be time to renew them.
Discover our full range of tablet accessories as well as spare parts for the Asus tablets such as cable control boards, slabs or buttons and take the opportunity to choose a transport protection that will ensure the safety of your equipment everytimet!
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