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Asus tablet fan

The Asus tablet also has fans to cool the operating systems, find yours at the best price on our online shop. Compatible with the B121 and EP121 models.
Asus tablets, like their computer cousins, also have fans to allow them to cool their operating system by releasing the heat dissipated by the various components in operation. This cooling system is essential to ensure the proper functioning of your tablet, but especially its durability over time as it avoids overheating and damage. But without regular maintenance, and with seniority and repeated uses, the mechanism of the Asus tablet's aeration system has become clogged; you've been looking for a new Asus fan for your tablet to fix the faulty ventilation.
Your tablet overheats then turns off abruptly? The fan is very noisy and the tablet very hot to the touch permanently? The temperature of the outgoing air seems very high? The cooler works very hard and runs all the time at maximum for no apparent reason? You have cleaned all the dust and residue absorbed by your fan but nothing helps, the buzzing noise persists? This dull sound is now there continuously, from the start to the shut-down of the system? The tablet approaches a high temperature almost immediately after its turned on? Your cooling system does not work anymore?
Caution: Two separate fans are present in some tablets, depending on the model and components. This is the CPU fan and the GPU fan; it is important to separate the two but especially the source of the breakdown before ordering any sus spare parts for the tablet!
Here's a quick tip to help you find the cause of the trouble :
CPU fan down: This fan is the processor fan, it is positioned at the motherboard of the tablet and remains by far the largest fan of both. If it is causing the failure, your tablet will heat up and become noisy until it does not light up at all.

GPU fan down: This fan is that of the graphics card of the tablet, positioned next to it, it is much smaller than the processor fan. If it is the cause of the failure, the symptoms are identical except that the tablet will continue to light up and will then have more or less significant display problems.
Accessoires Asus, specializing in Asus equipment and spare parts, offers for sale within this heading the GPU tablet fans and tablet CPU fans, so you can repair your product and extend its loyal services. You will be able to buy a new Asus fan, and rediscover your tablet as the first day, while being assured of the quality and durability of ventilation with our products that are 100% original.
Certified and manufactured by Asus, our coolers ensure you optimal and safe performance
Caution regarding the change of the tablet fan, it requires a complete and complex disassembly, and unlike other changes of spare parts, we strongly advise you to call a professional to make this repair. Indeed, these disassembly and reassembly steps can be tricky, which requires technical knowledge and experience in order not to damage other parts and especially to be able to properly and fully reassemble your tablet after the part has been installed.
Do you have questions or need explanations to differentiate between the two types of fans? Do not panic, contact our team of Asus experts right away, they will provide you with all the advice and knowledge necessary to enlighten you about the failure of your Asus tablet.
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