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Asus tablet cable

Are you looking for a new cable for your Asus tablet? Find here all the cables available at the best price for the Slider, Eee Slate, VivoTab Smart, Transformer Pad...
In this era where the Internet and computer equipment have become everyday tools for both leisure and office needs, you have decided to tackle it as well. The price of a laptop or desktop computer far exceeds your budget but also your needs in terms of features, you chose to equip yourself with an Asus tablet. Its appearance, its ideal weight / size ratio for handling and its great autonomy makes it the ideal accessory for both family use and novices. But for some time you have been experiencing failures during the use of your product, due to false contacts or cable failures of your Asus tablet.
Your power cable has aged badly, is it cut, bent, or has a false contact? Have you had a problem booting the Asus tablet since you pushed the ignition button too far in? The touch screen of your tablet runs randomly? Your tablet has been hit or dropped and since then your screen has display problems?
All these failures reveal the same thing: they come from small cables or damaged or displaced FFC's, which you will be able to find and change easily!

Accessoires Asus offers you in this category all the cables and official FFC's for your Asus ZenPad of all models (Slider, Eee Slate, Memopad, Vivotab, Transformer Pad, Zenpad ...), brand new, 100% original and certified Asus manufactured to offer you high quality products at very attractive prices.

Available to you are different FFC's for the Asus tablets that will help solve the problems, like the power button FFC's to solve your problems of ignition, the screen FFC's when the display is giving you a hard time, sidekey FFC's to repair the lost or broken tablet volume buttons; but also FPC pads with a USB socket allowing the touch functionality of your screen (connection between the SUB board and the motherboard) and all the various flat connection layers (20 Pin, 28 Pin, 36 Pin, 40 Pin).

You will also be able to purchase Asus tablet cables like the power cable with many models of USB docking cables (type C) in order to find the battery and the autonomy of your accessory, but also the WiFi antenna coaxial cables if you have frayed or broken yours during a repair or while moving and finally all the LVDS cables, also called LCD cables, connecting the motherboard to the slab of your computer.

This category has been classified by tablet model to facilitate the selection of your compatible products with your accessory and improve your navigation.

If a question or doubt persists, do not hesitate to contact our team of Asus experts who will be happily to advise you and accompany you during your research.

A reminder: if you intend to make these changes of parts yourself, we advise you to consider using adequate tools such as the Asus dismantling kit which we also have available for you.

In order to offer you a complete and quality service, we sell all the accessories for Asus tablets, but also all the replacemente parts in order to give you the opportunity to always make your product last, you are offered on our website bezels of the screen, batteries, slabs, webcams or buttons to meet all your needs and offer you the full use of your Asus tablet again.
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