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Asus tablet keys and switches button

Find here brand new keys and switches for your Asus tablet functionality access.
For several years now the touch pad has revolutionized the IT sector by offering a new format much less bulky and a new use. These tablets respond well to common uses (reading, writing, mail, navigation, games) but do not address the same types of users. With a much more affordable price and an ideal weight / height ratio, tablets have become the favorite tool for people with high mobility, families and novices, this new audience does not master pc and often more comfortable on this small touch screen. The tablet has shoved the uses and has become a real multimedia companion in this era where digital life continues to grow with connectivity to the outside of us almost constant. Immediate handling, touch screens similar to our smartphones, increased autonomy and very intuitive use with the finger are all qualities that have made its success.

You then went for an Asus tablet some time ago, whether for its many advantages over its competitor the computer, or compared to the trust you have in this manufacturer known for its essential innovations. Your tablet has followed you wherever you go, by car or on public transport, and has been your best ally for a long time. Unfortunately all these movements, where the tablet is not always well protected, were right in its solidity and you lost one of the buttons on the tablet. It's time to replace the lost or damaged buttons on your tablet!

Accessoires Asus, well aware of your habits and in the hope of always satisfying you, offers here the Asus tablet buttons. Whether to restore functionality to your equipment or as a prevention due to the wear of external keys, we offer 100% Asus factory products and all guaranteed to ensure the quality and durability of your computer equipment. The set of Asus buttons presented on this page are compatible with all Asus tablets (Transformer Pad, VivoTab, ZenPad 10 etc.).

You'll find tablet power buttons, also known as the start button, if yours has been depressed, suffered a shock, has a false contact, or was simply lost during a trip that prevented you from using your tablet safely.

Also available are tablet volume buttons, if yours work randomly, it forces before responding, or no longer works at all, causing you to lose all the enjoyable viewing and multimedia aspect of your Asus tablet.

Regarding this change of tablet buttons, we recommend that you do this yourself. Just remember to turn off the tablet and unplug it from any power source before you start. All you have to do is remove or unscrew, depending on the model, the screen outline of the tablet. Once removed, look at the location of your buttons, you will have to remove the defective button or place the new one if yours was lost then reassemble your tablet serenely.

For any questions or hesitations when handling, turn to our team of Asus professionals, they will advise you and support you during your repairs to make your computer equipment last. We offer for sale the Asus tool kit to assist you during your spare parts changes.

Take advantage of your navigation to discover our range of Asus accessories for tablets, but also Asus spare parts such as hinges, covers, chargers, fans or keyboards.
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