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Spare parts and accessories for Asus tablet and Zenpad

Spare parts and accessories for Asus tablet and Zenpad

As a specialized manufacturer in technology, innovation and computing, Asus is launching into the market of Android hybrid tablets and Zenpads in 2015. If you are on this page, you have chosen a tablet or a Zenpad rather than a computer, either for its simplicity of mobility, for its format with a pleasing weight / size ratio, for ease of use, ideal for novice or family use, or due to the price of essential Asus tablets, which is much less excessive than computers!
With the aim to constantly evolve products, Asus manufactures and offers for sale all the spare parts, accessories and components of each of its products to allow you to transform your equipment to your liking and personality, with a multitude of possibilities. You will be able to repair your tablet, change defective accessories, add elements, or optimize its use according to your needs.
With this pro-technology generation, Accessoires Asus offers the opportunity to purchase all replacement parts and products of your choice, allowing you to always keep your Asus at top performance without having to acquire new equipment.
Depending on the product you own, you can for example get a keyboard dock and a stylus to convert your tablet into a notebook, increase the internal memory with an SD card, optimize its use with the addition of an external webcam, or protect your Zenpad with a case, tempered glass, a protective screen or cover, which exists in many models to change the design of your product according to your desires.

Our online store also offers screens and screen modules if yours becomes broken, cracked or damaged, chargers (whole or dissociated), USB cables and batteries in case of loss or failure, to avoid your tablet of being unusable for too long. You will also find a wide range of accessories such as buttons, mantels, SD cards and SIM card slots, speakers, power connectors, etc.
Finally find all of your docking stations, wireless charging media, fans, hardware kits and connectors (SD card reader, adapter, HDMi cable, etc.) for all the models and series of the Asus tablets (Z300M, Z301M, Transformerpad, Vivopad, etc.) and Zenpad (Zenpad 10, Zenpad S, Zenpad 8.0, etc.).

In order to always offer you a good visual experience, maneuverability and performance of your equipment Asus, our Service is at your disposal to advise you throughout your navigation and help you select the best products according to your expectations and by answering all your questions. In addition, our online meta configurator offers you the ability to select the type of product and the model you have in order to offer you only parts and accessories compatible or corresponding with the model of your tablet or Zenpad.
Today's computers and tablets have become almost unavoidable elements in a home, that's why our team puts a point of honor to provide you with high quality products, certified new, Asus manufactured and always under guarantee.

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