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Do you want to have your Asus laptop repaired? Accessoires-Asus puts its national network of certified resellers at your disposal
If you would like to join our Accessoires-Asus Certified Reseller Program and enjoy many benefits Please click here
Our certified dealers and their teams of computer experts are available for all types of computer troubleshooting, repair and maintenance.
Our certified dealers will be able to diagnose your computer in order to detect the causes of the problem and repair them. By trusting one of our certified dealers, you can be sure to get the best diagnosis for your machine, as well as a chance to recover all your data.

In order to provide you with the best possible support, our certified dealers are committed to carrying out your computer repairs on site or in the shop as quickly as possible, so that you are not deprived of your device for too long. In addition to repairs, certified dealers can also offer you other services, such as computer cleaning, virus removal or the installation of new software, operating systems or anti-virus software. By using one of our certified resellers, you will have the advantage that repairs to your machine will be done with 100% original Asus spare parts.