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Bezel for Asus screen

Change the bezel of your Asus screen

While disassembling your Asus screen to repair it, you accidentally broke your bezel, also called screen bezel, it is the plastic part that surrounds your screen. It is an essential part of your device, indeed it protects your screen from possible shocks while securing your screen.
If yours is broken, you need to change it quickly.

In this section, you will find all the bezels available for your Asus screen in different sizes, from 21 to 24 inches. The bezel protects the many components of the panel against dust, bacteria and humidity. It is essential to replace it quickly.
Accessoires Asus offers screen bezels at the best price!

Choose a screen bezel at Accessoires Asus!

You are sure to make the right choice by ordering a bezel on our site! We carefully select all the products in this category in order to offer you quality products. All our items are new and certified by Asus, for your peace of mind, we guarantee all our components for 3 months.

Asus is recognized worldwide for the quality and durability of its spare parts. If you have any questions or doubts, our team of Asus experts is at your disposal to meet your needs, you can contact them, they will be happy to guide you during your purchase.
You can also use our metaconfigurator to find spare parts compatible with your device.
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