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Controller board for Asus screen

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Is the controller card of your Asus monitor not working anymore? You need to replace it quickly. In general, the replacement of this card is due to a power surge or electrical damage, but it is possible that your card is in good condition, but that one of its ports is no longer working. In this case, you should also change it. Repairing the ports is very delicate and not very efficient. On this page you will find all available controller cards for your Asus monitor. Accessoires Asus offers you the best price for a 24" monitor power controller card (also called power card).
This daughter board controls the power supply of the display, it contains a power button and a power connector for the power cable.
We also offer 28 inch display controller cards, and 24 inch Asus monitor power controller cards.

Asus screen controller cards at the best price at Accessoires Asus!

You have made the right choice if you are on this page, Accessoires Asus offers controller cards at a price defying all competition! In addition, all our products are manufactured and certified by Asus. We guarantee all our spare parts for 3 months. Have a doubt or a technical question?
Don't worry, our team of experts is here to help you, you can contact them by email 7 days a week!
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