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Streaming accessories for gamers

Streaming accessories for gamers

Asus ROG Streaming
Stream gaming is an activity popularized by big names like PewDiePie and Twitch online service. The point is to record yourself playing a video-game with a live audience online. Professional players stand out with high-level play and also entertaining commentaries and actions. The main pro: it is quite easy to begin with only little material.
You wish to enhance the online experience provided to your community? Check out our ROG Stream Gaming accessories selection.
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Asus C3 webcam

Asus C3 webcam

Asus Webcam1080p C3 30fps with Microphone
Enjoy sharper, smoother video streaming and crystal-clear sound with the Asus webcam...
69.90 €
45 €ATI
ROG Spotlight

ROG Spotlight

Asus ROG Spotlight
ROG Spotlight is a mini projector that projects the iconic ROG logo in multiple, customizable colors and coordinates the lighting effects with those of your other Aura-Sync-enabled devices...
ROG Eye USB Camera

ROG Eye USB Camera

ROG Eye USB webcam, another look at your streams
The ROG Eye USB webcam captures precise details in Full HD during your streams, making movements more fluid and nuanced...
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