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ROG DELTA CORE headphones

ROG DELTA CORE headphones

P/N : 90YH00Z1-B1UA00
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The ROG Delta Core Headphones

The ROG Delta Core headphones is a gaming headset that offers a profound gaming sound and an amazing good feeling that is compatible with mobile gear as well as with your favorite gaming equipment such as PC's, Mac, PS4, XBox One, and Nintendo Switch.
With its unique ASUS Essence drivers, sealed compartments and an audio signal diversion technology for a profound sound encounter for all these electronic devices.

With its ergonomic D-shaped ROG Hybrid ear cushions as well as physical controls on the ear cup for simple volume control and microphone muting will give you a pleasurable experience.

Gaming with Hi-Res Sound

Fitted with the unique ASUS Essence drivers, sealed compartments and audio signal diversion technology, the ROG Delta Core offers hi resolution sound and profound, striking bass to completely submerge you in your games with comfort and without tiredness. The ROG Delta Core's superior audio capacity and wonderful balance of characteristics, is qualified to be your important gear in your gaming armory.

Audio Signal Diversion Technology

The ROG Delta Core has unique ASUS Essence drivers that have been enhanced with Audio Signal Diversion technology, providing them with a round wall that assists in separating high, low and medium frequency sounds, eliminating the interference between frequency ranges for a genuine and crisper sound. It also presents a broad frequency response of 20Hz-40kHz to give you amazing powerful bass and an enhanced gaming sound for an incredible acoustic encounter.

Exclusive Sealed-Compartment Layout

Effectively-tuned by audio engineers, the ROG Delta Core presents a broad section around the drivers with a unique airtight-compartment layout for enhanced seclusion and immaculate, legitimate-sounding audio.

Unhindered Communication

The ROG Delta Core headphones brings a movable, unidirectional boom microphone that helps your voice be noticed for an understandable and simple conversation with your commrades.

Ergonomic D-Shaped Ear Cups

With its ergonomic D-Shaped ear cups that similates the form of the human ear in contrast with oval ear cups, it eliminates the redundant contact region by 20% for a superior, and pleasurable fit, specifically when the headphones are worn for extended hours.

Angled for Improved Enjoyment and Audio

The drivers in the interior of each ear cup are slanted by 12º, meticulously assimilating the angle of your ear. This slanted built besides providing amazing comfort, it also assists in enhancing the audio quality by allowing the audio signal to go straight into the ear canal.

Immediate Control at your Fingertips

With a volume dial and microphone knob on the ear cup, it will allow you to do immediate audio modifications and mute or unmute your voice while playing. With beneficial controls at your reach, you can keep focused on your gameplay, rather than your devices.

Two Varieties of Fit and Feel

casque ROG Delta Core

The ROG Delta Core headphone offer two varieties of fit and feel to choose from. The ROG Hybrid cushions, that mixes protein leather and fabric mesh, are denser, more breathable and offer a contoured fit, ideal for extended gaming hours. The protein leather cushions are relatively slimmer and softer, which make them great for travelling.


The ROG Delta Core is equipped with a 3.5mm connector port, that allows the headphone to be used on mostly all gaming devices, including PC's, Mac, smartphones, PS4, XBox One and Nintendo Switch.

Not only prepared for FPS enthusiasts, the Delta ROG Core will also appeal to music lovers who want to erase their ears.

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