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ROG Battery for Gamer

ROG Battery for Gamer

The Republic of Gamers, a community of players and computer enthusiasts, has been making a name for itself since its creation by Asus in 2006, for the unrivaled quality of its equipment, and its many events and competitions bringing together the best gamers from around the world. ROG and Asus offer all gaming enthusiasts high-flying equipment for more adventurous games than ever before; you will be the last man standing during all your battles!
Innovative, high-performance ROG products allow you to play for hours in a comfortable, foolproof environment. But for your games to last and you're not AFK, it's important to have a robust, high-quality ROG battery even after heavy use of your equipment.
Accessoires Asus helps you acquire your favorite ROG gear so that everyone can mix high performance and results on the battlefield. We offer for sale all models of ROG batteries, guaranteed and 100% original. Certified by Asus ROG, all our ROG products ensure you optimal and safe performance while meeting the quality and durability requirements of your even intensive use.

Available for sale are a wide selection of new ROG batteries, so you can have long hours of gaming in total immersion and especially with high quality equipment for extended use, you will be the master of the game. You will find ROG batteries classified by computer models (G751, FX504, GM501, G12, etc ...) to ensure proper correspondence with your equipment in terms of series, but also power with a variety of powers ranging from 120W to 330W.

Their great autonomy and quality material make them a sure value and a great ally who will accompany you in all your victories, you will collect the perks like never before.
These Asus batteries will give you a maximum charge allowing you to play long hours even while traveling without worrying about the proximity of a power source. You will be able to take full advantage of incredible configurations of your computer and its fluidity of use directly during your games, keep at the highest level all your points of PV and XP.

Warning !! Follow the advice of the first charge cycle of your new battery: it must recharge at least 12 hours, computer off of course, before its first use to ensure its durability.
Also remember to read the advice of use to know the battery level below which is important for recharging

In order to offer you more and more complete equipment, Accessoires Asus also offers you for sale on our merchant website all the ROG Asus equipment to become the leader of your band. These include ROG headphones, ROG keyboards, ROG mice and mouse pads, and ROG backpacks to support you on all your Gamer trips.
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