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ROG Charger for Gamer

ROG Charger for Gamer

Asus ROG Gaming Adapters

You're part of the big gamer community, and you're probably a user of the wide range of Asus Republic Of Gamers laptops. This range of computers created especially for your gaming parties brings together power and great comfort of use to offer you immersion and unprecedented performance and at every moment. Its developed connectivity and its ultra silent operation delight you with every part, not to mention its visual quality and its essential finishes. But its no longer possible since your charger for your gaming PC no longer works ...

There are several causes that can cause this charger failure: the charger tip no longer recognizes the computer due to overly violent connections that have worn or broken this tip, the wire has been bent or jammed, and wear ended up severing it, you had too much use of games that caused it to overheat and made it unusable.
It is then time to change the charger of your computer Asus ROG!

Remember that even if an original charger seems more expensive than a compatible charger, the quality of the product and its components is not the same. Purchasing suitable equipment gives you greater security in terms of both durability and efficiency, but also the longevity of your laptop.

Accessoires Asus will help you to replace the defective ROG charger by offering you ROG chargers, which are under warranty and 100% original. Certified and manufactured by Asus, our ROG power adapters ensure optimal and safe performance while meeting the quality requirements of your equipment. Many models are available to find the ROG charger for your model of gaming computer, you would prefer rather slim chargers or box-type chargers, so you can launch new games longer without worrying about the remaining battery!

You will find in this category the Asus ROG PC power supplies, we have in particular 120W chargers and 150W chargers that will be suitable for PCs whose GPUs and CPUs are moderately greedy like the G55 and G74, also 180W chargers and even 230W chargers for portable PCs with graphics cards and high-end processors like the G750, G751 or G752; and 330W chargers for your high-power ROG Strix laptops.

Caution: It is important to check the voltage and amperage of your charger before placing your order. Also remember to look for the charger according to the model of your laptop and not according to the reference on your existing charger. We know that it is tempting to take a loader with extra capacity, but that will not increase the power or duration of your reload.

For any question about a product or about the delivery of your charger, get closer to our team of Asus ROG experts, who will advise you to the best so that your satisfaction is at the maximum.

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