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ROG equipment for Gamers

Choose the best gaming equipment to win!

Gamer friends, Asus created for you in 2006 the renowned brand ROG, Republic of Gamers, which today has become a community on its own. You are a fan of professional gamers like Coldzera, NiKo, Dev1ce or FalleN and you follow the Asus ROG School closely, with its computer geniuses, its gaming events and gatherings around the world, and its most innovative equipment every moment. You also follow the latest computer news and new games, both from the Republic of Gamers and from Asus itself.
Accessoires Asus offers you a guide to the best Republic Of Gamers accessories.
Gaming enthusiasts, you dream of becoming a roxxor, and for that it is time to upgrade your equipment; to be among the best, you have to choose the best equipment and installations available on the market: ROG products.

Accessoires Asus has chosen to offer the best so that each of you can be "the last man standing" on all your playing fields and during your biggest battles. Find many models of ROG gaming headsets at the best price here such as the ROG Delta headset. And because we know that gamers must travel equipped, it is important that your equipment is well protected during your travels with backpacks that will perfectly protect your combat arsenal so that you can game anywhere and anytime. The Nereus bag is ideal for your laptop up to 16 inches. We also offer Republic Of Gamers batteries, official Asus chargers, and ROG Phone smartphones... And, to complete your look: sleek Slash caps and a ROG Suitcase.
ROG mice and mouse pads are available for sale to ensure you long games in total comfort and a pleasant glide with maximum precision, your DoTs will skyrocket! Also find ROG gaming keyboards that you will be able to customize and adapt to your style of play with unique keys and lighting, you will be proud of your style of play as well as your PV and XP which will never have been so high: even K0nfig will be jealous!

Buy all your ROG accessories here

We offer for sale the full range of ROG equipment, under warranty and 100% original.
Certified Asus ROG manufacturing, all our ROG products ensure optimal and safe performance while meeting the quality and durability requirements of even intensive use.
Esports are already looking forward to this equipment. You will find in particular ROG accessories to perfect your installation and play like S1mple with ever faster and more fluid ROG products such as ROG headsets allowing you total immersion. Take advantage of all the perks possible and make your enemies scurry onto the battlefield.
So that everyone can acquire the ROG hardware of their dreams with unbeatable prices, we offer ROG packs grouping various equipment with various choices for each player to find equipment in his hand. Never again will you suffer from KS or lag with this ROG equipment that will make all your enemies freekill, the newbie will no longer be you: your equipment, your rules of the game.

Our team of Asus ROG professionals and connoisseurs is at your disposal to answer your questions or to give you the best advice in choosing the equipment according to your desires, your expectations and your use.
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