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ROG GK2000 RGB AZERTY Keyboard


Asus has gone to build a superior gaming Keyboard that suits and wraps up an ROG gaming PC or notebook. We collected feedback from gamers and entusiasts from all over the world.

The outcome polished and crafty GK2000 was named after Horus - the falcon god of war and hunting - a fitting name for a gaming keyboard that's all about agility and accuracy and now the RGB version is here.

Asus ROG Keyboard GK2000 RGB


The two main modernizations are the new Cherry MX Red silent switches that allows 50 million clicks, no key sounds and integrated Aura RGB technology, expanding the keyboard backlight to 16 million colors with 12 different effects use.

16 million colors and Aura RGB technology

Backlight 16 million colors

Each of the keypad keys can be set-up individually, permitting you to create your own RGB backlight mode or choose from pre-defined effects: static, breathing, color cycle, reagents, ripple, wave, rain, star, laser, mix ...

A 32-bit MCU processor, perfect for your macros and personalized actions

Dedicated media keys

The ROG GK200 RGB includes a 32-bit microprogram control unit (MCU) and 8 MB of built-in memory, giving a strong performance and an intuitive ROG user interface that lets you customize the macro and function keys to make multi - complex keys that can be accomplished with a single keypress.

At the same time, it controls each of the 110 backlight LEDs separately and lets you program the backlight.

Use your keyboard on any PC without losing your programming with 8MB of built-in memory

With 8MB of built-in memory, all your personalizations and keyboard profiles will always be available even after you connect your keyboard to another computer. The ROG GK2000 RGB application has an intuitive interface that lets users to personalize or create macros and thus program function keys for complex multi-key movements with one press of a button.

Intuitive interface Asus ROG

Intuitive interface Asus ROG

The built-in memory can store up to 10 keyboard profiles, each with a set of macros. If this is not enough, you can save additional profiles and macros to your PC and drag them to the keyboard with the dedicated application.

2 USB 2.0 ports, 1 headphone jack and a microphone jack.

The ROG GK2000 RGB keyboard presents a dual-port USB 2.0 hub and 2 ports (audio and microphone) to decrease clutter and make it easy to load your phone or tablet, copy files to an external hard drive or connect your mouse or headset.

Dual port USB 2.0 and audio / mic jack

Red Cherry MX RGB switches quiet 50 million clicks

Another innovation of size compared to the first version, Asus has integrated in this new version of the GK2000 new Cherry MX RGB quiet switches perfect for quick and secret attacks. The longevity is 50 million clicks, the force of the actuation is extremely low (45gr - 2mm actuation 4mm travel), as for the 100% anti-ghosting and the N-Key function Rollover, they are also available in this new version.

Cherry Red MX RGB switches

Comfort and design are the get-together

On the design side, the ROG GK2000 RGB presents a multi-sheet production in extruded aluminum, folded, brushed, anodized 3 mm in diameter which gives it an incredibly exclusive appearance. On the comfort side, it incorporates a detachable palm rest including 2 different positions to guarantee a better grip during your game sessions ...

Several extruded, bent, rolled, anodized and then CNC'ed 3mm thick aluminium sheets give the GK2000 an incredibly robust superior look and feel. The combination of brushed and anodized sandblasted aluminium elements gives it a unique secretive appearance.

GK2000 RGB features

  • powerful 32 bit processor
  • durable red cherry MX mechanical switches
  • 100% anti-ghosting with N-key Rollover
  • 16.8 million LED backlit keyboard
  • customizable macros via an intuitive ROG user interface
  • black anodized brushed aluminium finish
  • integrated USB HUB
  • integrated audio pass-through
  • dedicated multimedia controls
  • adjustable ergonomic palm rest

You will control the battleground with mechanical expertise!


  • Connectivity technology : wired
  • Dimensions : 52.65 x 17 x 4.9 cm
  • Weight : 1700 g
  • Color : black
  • OS support : Windows 7 - 8 - 8.1 - 10
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P/N : 90XB01HN-BKB0F0
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