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ROG DELTA headphone

The ROG Delta headphones, victory begins
in your ears!

The new ROG Delta headphones is the first gaming headset with a quad DAC ESS 9218 that delivers crystal-clear sound with rich detail.

Asus ROG Delta headphones

With the ROG Delta, no more difficult choices or the purchase of several different headsets, this headset will reconcile all gamers, because the ROG Delta has a USB-C connector and a USB-C to USB 2.0 adapter for connection to all types of gaming platforms (PCs, consoles and mobile devices).

Its circular RGB lighting with Rainbow style effect will distinguish you from your opponents locked in dark battle zones..

Asus ROG Delta headphones

For a better perception of every detail

With the integration of the quad DAC ESS 9218 converter, the ROG Delta offers sound without any loss of quality, each analog-to-digital converter dedicates its power to a sub-category of sound frequencies (low, medium, high and ultra-high).

The four Hi-Fi DACs also deliver a clearer sound with an impressive signal-to-noise ratio of 127 dB, which is much higher than other headsets on the same segment

Asus ROG Delta headphones

A helicopter in the distance, a rustle of footsteps, a doorknob in a corridor, a breeze after the fight ... Every sound detail of the game will not go unnoticed. The only solution that will remain to your enemies is to lurk in the dark so as not to leave the game from the beginning.

Hyper-Grounding to eliminate background noise

The Hyper-Grounding technology is an exclusive configuration that incorporates a multilayer printed circuit board that prevents electromagnetic interference for a cleaner sound that eliminates all background noise.

Asus ROG Delta headphones

High signal-to-noise ratio for better FPS immersion

When you are fully immersed in a FPS game the signal-to-noise ratio is an essential feature for any self-respecting gamer.

A high signal-to-noise ratio, for the ROG Delta, is 127 dB, allows you to detect with the greatest precison where your enemies are, in which direction the projectiles arrive, etc.

Clear highs and striking bass with Asus Essence transducers

Asus engineers offer a diversion of audio signals in the ROG Delta, a technology made possible by the Asus Essence transducers, which creates a circular wall that separates the different audio frequencies (high, mid, and low).

Asus ROG Delta headphones

This technology allows you to hear each sound with greater clarity. In addition, the ASUS Essence transducers have a frequency response of 20 to 40 kHz, which results in incredibly powerful bass.

Circular RGB lighting with rainbow effect and Aura Sync technology

For a style every time renewed the ROG Delta is the first gaming headset to incorporate customizable lighting Aura RGB circular. It features 7 independent lighting zones to display multicolored cycles with over 16.8 million colors and six pre-defined lighting effects.

Asus ROG Delta headphones

To synchronize these effects the ROG Delta incorporates Aura Sync technology, this one reminder allows the synchronization of light effects with other ROG products to create a unique and captivating streaming atmosphere.

USB-C to USB 2.0 for cross-platform compatibility

The ROG Delta features a USB-C connector and a USB-C to USB 2.0 (Type-A) adapter that can be plugged into virtually any type of gaming platform (PCs, consoles, and mobile devices). A single headphone for several types of setups, all gamers dream!

Better comfort with ergonomic pads and sloping design

After several hours of intensive play, the ears suffer, that's why the ROG Delta incorporates "D" pads that perfectly fit the shape of the ears and reduces by 20% the unnecessary contacts.

Asus ROG Delta headphones

With a tilt of 12 ° each earphone perfectly adopts the morphology of the ear allowing a real comfort but also a better diffusion of the audible signals in the auditory canal.

Asus ROG Delta headphones

Two textures for two different styles

The ROG Delta comes with two types of fixable pads to adopt two different styles.

Asus ROG Delta headphones

ROG Hybrid pads are made from protein leather and woven material. They are thicker, more airy and perfectly fit the shape of the ears. The pads made of pure protein leather are thinner and softer, perfect for mobile use.

Sound control directly on the earpiece

The control buttons on the ROG Delta are directly on the earpiece, which is ideal for intuitive control control.

Asus ROG Delta headphones

The volume of the headphones and its RGB lighting will be easier to access for increased time savings, which will leave more autonomy of play.

A detachable microphone for crystal clear communication

The ROG Delta features a detachable and unidirectional microphone specifically designed for crystal clear communication between players.

Asus ROG Delta headphones

The indicator light is red when the microphone is in Mute mode so that you know at a glance whether it is on or not.

Technical characteristics

Headphones :

USB-C connector
Diameter transducers: 50 mm
Composition: neodymium magnet

Microphone :
Impedance: 32 Ohms
Headphone Frequency Response: 20 ~ 40000 Hz

External microphone: Unidirectional
External microphone: Headphone: 100 ~ 10000 Hz
Headphone sensitivity: -40 dB

General informations :
Cable: USB-C cable: 1.5M / USB 2.0 cable: 1M
Weight: 387 g

Mobile device (smartphone, tablet)
PlayStation® 4
Nintendo Switch

Accessories :
User manual
Detachable microphone
ROG Hybrid Ear Cushion
USB-C to USB 2.0 adapter (Type-A)
P/N : 90YH00Z1-B2UA00
Price :
199€ ATI
Promotional prices :
169€ ATI

A saving of 30 € (-15.07%)

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