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Gaming Keyboard TUF K7

Gaming Keyboard TUF K7,the opto-mechanical gaming keyboard

Opto-mechanical TUF switches

Gaming Keyboard TUF K7

TUF opto-mechanical switches broadcast infrared light continuously, when you press a key, the switch rod interrupts the light beam, the activation of the command is triggered..

Gaming Keyboard TUF K7

Metal contact switches have a rebound time of 5 ms, those of the TUF Gaming K7 have a key activation time of only 0.2 ms: fast as a flash!

IP56 certification, lifetime doubled ...

To reward the TUF Gaming K7 keyboard for its resistance to splashing and dust accumulation, it has achieved IP56 certification.

Gaming Keyboard TUF K7

100 million clicks is what opto-mechanical switches can handle, which is up to twice the life of standard mechanical switches.

The TUF Gaming K7 is covered with an aluminum plate, which gives it an exterior appearance that is both solid and sophisticated. A nano-coating prevents the oxidation of metal internal elements.

Compact design

The TUF Gaming K7 is designed compact and without edge, which facilitates access to all keys that will hike your style of play much more fluid..

Gaming Keyboard TUF K7

The floating keys allow easy and fast keyboard cleaning, you can brush or blow air to get out dust and crumbs without blocking them inside the keyboard.

Magnetic and ergonomic wrist rest

The TUF Gaming K7 incorporates an ergonomic wrist rest composed of a thick memory foam, its imitation leather finishes provide an airy comfort easily adapting to your position.

Gaming Keyboard TUF K7

Strong magnets keep the wrist rest in place during your play, so you can easily detach it when you need to put it in your bag.

Aura Sync

Thanks to the Aura Sync lighting system, the TUF Gaming K7 light effect mutations can be synchronized with other Aura compatible devices!

Gaming Keyboard TUF K7

Armoury II

The intuitive interface ROG Armory II makes it easy to customize all the parameters of your TUF Gaming K7 keyboard with ease (profile creation, customization of colors and light effects, key assignments, macro recordings, etc.).

Gaming Keyboard TUF K7

You will even be able to cold analyze all these game data to improve your playing style.

In summary !

The opto-mechanical switches of the TUF Gaming K7 instantly click on each shot. You'll have the choice between tactile or linear feedback depending on your style of play. It has a compact design to keep the mastery of your game.

Splashing and dust will no longer be a nuisance for you, the TUF Gaming K7 has an aluminum coating and a detachable wrist rest. Aura Sync's individual key lighting system highlights your gaming environment.

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