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Cerberus black mouse

You want the highest quality at the greatest price?

So let the Asus ROG Cerberus collection give that to you !

Righty or Lefty... It doesn't matter !

The Cerberus mouse has a symmetrical layout which signifies that it works for either right handed or left handed users.

Boastfully built in a matte black color with red Cerberus Backlight logo adding a little of fierceness to the mouse.

Optical sensor up to 2500 DPI for better accuracy

The Cerberus mouse has an optical sensor and also a braided cable and a gold plated USB 2.0 , perfect for gamers that require accuracy and responsiveness.

Its resolution can be up to 2500 Dpi maximum personalization at any moment with the "add" key and allows you to change DPI during your gaming sessions. This mouse also comes with 2 programmable additional keys.

Ambidextrous and created for both lefties as well as righties, this mouse provides a complete and holding comfort

The lateral surfaces are layered in leather to let you hold the mouse and not sweat a lot.

Technical characteristics:

This Black Optic Gaming mouse from the Cerberus collection, has LED flashlights and optical sensor 2500 DPI with adaptable sensibility in four customizable levels:

500 Ddi : green
1000 Dpi : red
1500 Dpi : blue
2500 Dpi : pink

USB wired connection
Bidirectional Wheels
6 keys
Cable length: 39 inches (1.80 m)
Weight: 155g
Dimensions: 4.7 x 2.36 x 1.58 inches (12.48 x 68.72 x 40.11 mm)

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P/N : 90YH00Q1-BAUA00
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39.90€ ATI
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