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Why is my PC so slow?

Fast uploads, instant software installations, efficient downloads, numerous internet pages opening simultaneously, smooth and always constructive navigation...

These are mere memories from the time you first used your computer!

The first few times were indeed a pleasure. The simplicity and efficiency you enjoyed while you used your PC for professional and personal reasons.

Unfortunately over the years your computer has gotten "tired", it is slower, with endless uploads, irritating warnings or even error messages and software freezes or closures have become too frequent and slowing down your IT projects..

Your Asus laptop is rowing!

So what is it really?
Do you have a solution at hand to turn back the clock and
give your slow Asus laptop a new boost?
Where does the problem come from and how to repair it without needing to buy a new computer?

Our team of Asus experts tells you about the 10 most common reasons for these slowdowns, their causes and of course the solutions. Your PC is overdue for a Spring cleaning!

Summary of the article:

5 software issues that can make your computer slow

Before deciding whether or not to change any part or component of your computer, check your software environment to see if the configuration of Windows and/or the installed software have a negative impact on performance.

Your PC lacks of free space

Over time, your computer has become cluttered with software that you do not use, which reduces the potential of your PC. In this case, simply get rid of all the software that you do not use and let your PC breathe.

Of course, this doesn’t just apply to software that takes up your storage space. Your family videos, travel photos and administrative documents that you have been saving for years on your computer; all these large often bulky files (depending on their quality and resolution), are often the cause of excessive data storage that reduce the capacity of your PC.

Pourquoi mon PC Asus rame

Il est rare de retrouver une accélération fulgurante après ces suppressions sauf s’il s’agit de gros logiciels ou de fichiers très lourd, mais la vitesse d’utilisation peut s’améliorer un peu.

Our solutions:

  • For software, you can click the Windows button and search for "Add or Remove Programs". You can find all the software installed on your PC and you can sort by "Size" and uninstall the large software that you do not use.
  • Store data and multimedia files (photos, videos, sounds) / large files on an external disk, on DVDs or by purchasing an online storage space that is less cumbersome.

Warning! Never delete software that you do not recognize.

Temporary files have not been cleaned

When installing or using software, some information is stored temporarily and then erased once the software is closed. Nevertheless, it happens that these temporary files stick around longer than necessary, to mitigate this storage of useless data, you have two solutions:

Removing temporary files

From the Start menu, click Computer and select the Tile or Content view (or click on settings-> system->storage). At a glance you will see how much space you have left on your hard disk (C :): a blue bar indicates that there is sufficient space, red means you do not. Remove superficial and unnecessary elements to speed up your Asus PC.

stockage OS (C:)

If you have already cleaned up the software, photos and videos on your computer, you still have to delete the cache files.

To do this, you need to search for “Disk Cleanup” after clicking the “Windows” button.

You will have to select the disk on which Windows is installed (in our case C :). Then click on "Clean System Files" Finally, you will be able to select the different items to delete.

utilitaire nettoyage de disque

You can then select the files to delete. In our case, there are already 3.35 GB used by the Windows updates!

Then click on "OK" and "Delete files".

Warning! Deleting files related to web browsers will also delete the cache and sometimes saved passwords.

Cleaning the registry

This Windows database stores all hardware and software configuration information since you first used your computer, gumming up the pc's RAM. To perform a thorough clean without the risk of damaging your device, several cleaning software are available. CCleaner or TuneUp, for example, will take care of your internal clean up (spyware, boot system, RAM ...).

Pourquoi mon PC Asus rame

Your PC runs too many programs at setup

By installing software, we sometimes forget to uncheck "run at startup". This has the consequence of having a PC that takes several minutes to start. You can select the programs you need at startup and disable the ones you use less often:

Gestionnaire de tâches

To do this, go to your task manager (CTRL + ALT + DEL) and select the start tab. Then disable the automatic execution of the desired software.

You have an antivirus related problem

Antivirus is a common cause of slowdowns that are easy to solve, here are the two main antivirus issues that reduce the performance of your computer:

You have multiple antivirus programs installed

When you changed an antivirus program you may have forgotten to uninstall the old one, which slows down the computer a lot. Do not let them duel it out and destroy your PC in the process.

Your computer has a virus

You have an outdated version of an antivirus program, which has left the door open to new, not very benevolent visitors. Updating the antivirus software should fix the spyware problems.

You can also use Malwarebytes which removes malware sometimes not seen by classic antivirus programs.

You have not defragmented your hard disk

Although this is no longer necessary with SSDs and the latest versions of Windows, defragmenting your hard drive can sometimes speed up your PC.

Indeed, the older a hard disk, the multiple uses and backups have fragmented it into thousands of pieces, making loading times much longer.

Pourquoi mon PC Asus rame

Depending on the version of Windows installed on the pc, the process starts automatically or manually. (Open the Start menu, and select Computer, and Hard Disk (C :).) Right click on the icon then click Properties, and on the Tools tab, click Defragment Now.

Factory reset for Asus computer

You have tried all the previous steps but nothing has changed. Your backup solution is then the complete reset of the computer.

You should be well informed or seek the help of an expert to ensure that your device is not damaged and functions properly after this process; also be sure to save all of the important items on an external drive because as a result of this process everything will be wiped from the computer (software, photos, texts, etc.).

Pourquoi mon PC Asus rame

The process implies uninstalling Windows then reinstalling or restoring a backup to the moment when the pc worked correctly to regain the PC fluidity and all its forgotten attributes.

In Windows, click on the start menu and search for "Reset this PC". You can then follow the reset steps to reset it.

5 hardware issues that can slow your computer

After 10 years a computer is considered obsolete, so it is possible that cleanings it out and updating the software did not do the job. It would surely be useful, then, to change some of its components that are worn or no longer adapted to your current use.

You do not have enough RAM (Random Access Memory)

If your PC takes several minutes to turn on, it becomes progressively slower as you are using a program, or it suddenly displays a blue screen; aka - The BSoD or the Blue Screen of Death - you surely have a problem with your RAM.

Blue Screen of Death

This may be a RAM malfunction which you can easily fix by replacing your current RAM module and/or choosing one with improved storage capabilities.

To check if you are running out of RAM space, you can open the task manager (CTRL + ALT + DEL) and see what percentage of RAM is used.

Pourquoi mon PC Asus rame

In this case, 88% of the RAM is being used which is starting to become critical. For comfortable use, it is best not to exceed 80% of RAM usage.

ram module

You use a HDD (Mechanical Hard Disk)

Your hard disk may be damaged, than all of these manipulations may be in vain. The free and easy-to-use HD Tune program will test the status of your hard drive and its performance and will indicate if it needs to be changed and indicate what are the damaged areas.

After installing and running HD Tune, it will automatically select the drive on which Windows is installed and it will be tested.

You will then be able to carry out 3 tests:

Check disk errors

Go to the "Health" tab in which will be listed several types of errors, if everything is "OK", then your disk is already in good condition.

HD Tune Health analysis

If not, it means that your disc beginning to fail and that it will therefore be necessary to replace it.

Perform an error scan

In order to perform further analysis, you can perform an "Error Scan" that will further analyze your hard drive and see if it identifies any errors.

HD Tune error scan

If it shows red squares, this means that some segments of your disk are damaged and you should think about replacing it.

Carry out a performance test

Sometimes your hard drive will not show any errors but will still be very slow. This happens with tired hard drives that no longer have the performance of their early days.

To check this, go to the "Benchmark" tab and click START.

HD Tune HDD benchmark

After execution, HD Tune will give you the minimum and maximum readings of the hard drive.

  • Maximum value greater than 100Mb / s: Your hard drive has normal performance for a mechanical hard drive.
  • Maximum value greater than 50Mb / s: Your hard drive has rather low performance for a mechanical hard drive.
  • Maximum value less than 50Mb / s: Your hard drive has poor performance.

Note that SSD (Like memory stick storage, there are no moving parts), with which most modern computers are equipped, have 4 to 6 times higher performance than HDD (mechanical hard drives). That's why changing the hard drive of your PC for an SSD can very often give a second life to your computer.

SSD Asus

Your PC does not cool properly

A common cause of a slow computer is that the cooling system is no longer effective.

With time and stationary use of the computer or the poor environment in which it is used, dust could infiltrate the apparatus and effect the fans, in particular which can no longer evacuate the heat properly; this means the heat increases slowing down the components and, in the worst cases, short circuit some of them!

Pourquoi mon PC Asus rame

Opening your Laptop from time to time and using an air duster (blower) is recommended to get rid of these particles.

Without opening the computer, you can also (when it is off) block the fan with a thin rod (which should be inserted into the cooling system outlet) and spray air with an air duster or with a compressor.

Your fan may also be out of order and will not cool your computer at all.

Asus fans

You are using the wrong power mode

You have Power4Gear software on your PC that allows you to manage the power mode of your computer.

Sometimes the wrong power mode is selected which limits the power of your PC. You should therefore check that you have selected "High Performance" mode in Power4Gear when your computer is plugged in.

Your power supply is defective

This is rare but it can happen, in fact sometimes poor performance is due to a faulty power supply

The power supply can no longer provide enough energy to the computer and the PC is bridling itself so as to use the little energy provided.

In this case, the power supply may turn on intermittently or even make sizzling sound.

asus chargers and power supplies

We hope this article has helped you understand why your Asus PC has slowed and how to boost it effectively!

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News added at : June 25, 2019 at 09:26 AM
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