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Why is my Asus laptop crashing?

Enjoy your laptop when it is functional, it is only happiness ... But when it starts to crash for no apparent reason, it quickly becomes a nightmare!

Throughout this tutorial, we will try to find ways to remedy some of the more common issues that plague the lives of many users.

Computer crashes due to problems related to the software

Software failure

After several months of use, your ASUS laptop suddenly starts to crash regularly. It freezes while you are watching a video, playing a game, or simply on standby mode. You can’t do anything but to unplug it.

The keyboard, the mouse nor the touchpad respond... And the only way to restart it is to turn it off via the on / off button (by pressing it for a few seconds) or by unplugging it altogether. which as you can imagine is not a good thing for the PC.

Start with the Ctrl + Alt + Del command which will open the task manager dialog box allowing you to stop processes that are exhibiting unstable behavior. In the task manager, you can open the performance tab and see if the processor (CPU) and RAM use(frequency) are very high which indicates a loss or misallocation of resources.

Why is my Asus laptop crashing?

If the frequency is normal, you can do a quick full scan with malwarebytes to see if something else is slowing or interfering with your machine.

You can also optimize the performance of your PC with CCleaner and Glary Utilities as well as repair registry errors (repair and defragmentation of the registry and other optimizations will make it possible to free physical memory).

Why is my Asus laptop crashing? - CCleaner - Glary Utility

In addition, it is advisable to check if you have unnecessary and/or resource-intensive software when you start Windows. You can use the "msconfig" command to clean out this software.

Just type "msconfig" at the command prompt in the startup, then select the programs you want to load at startup and delete the others.

Why is my Asus laptop crashing?

1. In Startup, click Windows Systems -> Run or Run
2. Type "msconfig" in the command prompt
3. Click the Startup tab
4. Then click on open Task Manager
5. Select the programs you do not want at startup
6. Click on disable

All the programs you have selected will no longer start automatically upon startup, freeing up resources and improving the performance of your computer.

Updating your system

Sometimes the cause of software crashes is due to the installed software not having been updated properly. To verify that your system is up to date, you must use Windows Update

In addition, verify that all your drivers are up to date on your laptop, especially the drivers for the graphics card.

Why is my Asus laptop crashing? - Windows Update

Driver updates for Windows 10, as well as for many devices (such as network cards, monitors, printers, and video cards), are automatically downloaded and installed via Windows Update. You probably already have the most recent drivers, but if you want to manually update or reinstall a driver, here's how:

Updating device drivers

Why is my Asus laptop crashing?

In the search box on the taskbar, type “device manager”, and then select Device manager.

Select a category to display the names of the devices, then right click on the one you want to update.

Select update driver.

If Windows can't find a new driver, look for one on the device manufacturer's website and follow the instructions.

Reinstalling a device driver

Why is my Asus laptop crashing?

If your problem depend on an incomplete update or missing a driver for a device on your system, this manipulation will solve the problem.

In the search box on the taskbar, enter “device manager”, and then select Device manager.

Right-click the device’s name and select Uninstall device.

Restart your PC.

Windows will try to reinstall the driver.

If your concern was due to an incomplete update or a missing driver for a device on your system, this operation should solve the problem.


Certain viruses that spread through your computer can cause your machine to crash often. This is why it is very important to visit only secure sites when you are online and to be weary of phishing emails.

Why is my Asus laptop crashing? - Avast

Please make sure that your anti-virus software is always up to date. Do not install pirated software and do not use a USB key or the memory card of a third party without scanning it with your anti-virus at startup. Always be alert and you will avoid a lot of future hassles

PC failure: problems related to the hardware

In addition to problems related to software malfunction, it is possible that the reason for the crash of a PC is due to a more serious problem, such as a hardware failure (i.e. a physical failure of a part) in your computer.

We will try to identify the most common risks to a part which can cause a laptop to crash, and what are the solutions to remedy these breakdowns.

the falls

Of course, dropping your laptop even from as little 20 cm high can cause certain mechanical parts in your computer to malfunction such as mechanical hard disks (the most fragile), the various cards or even some of the connectors (Ex. those which connect the screen).

Even a simple shock or bump to your computer while it is running can cause irreversible hardware failures. In this case, you will need to change this part for your computer to work again.

disassembly / reassembly

If you are not comfortable with computer repair, you should think twice before replacing any part yourself: dismantling a laptop to replace a part is a very meticulous process and is not that easy. Some complicated welding may be needed or a fragile part may be difficult to access.

You can easily damage and cause add to the problem if you do not disassemble/install/ reassemble properly. We strongly recommend that you always have a professional diagnose and repair your computer.


Taking care and maintaining your laptop is fundamental to keeping your computer functioning at optimal levels.

Remember to clean the keyboard and other openings (vents, connectors, hard drive hatches ...) with an air blower, because accumulated dust combined with heat can damage parts in the long run.

electrical disturbances

A low voltage on a poor quality electrical outlet or power strip can also be cause your machine to crash: if the current is not strong enough, some peripherals will not be well supplied and can be a source of malfunctions.

You can test your computer on a different outlet to see if it functions better. Also beware of lightning, turn your computer off and unplug it during a heavy thunderstorm.

Fluids are another danger to your computer. Spilling a soda, coffee or water on the keyboard of your laptop may seem harmless, but it can lead to a short circuit on the components located under the keyboard and the motherboard is not so far below your keyboard on your laptop.

Temperature differences can also be a real nuisance for your laptop.
Electronic components don't like heat. If your computer’s processor heats up too much (beyond 80 °), this can cause it to be unstable leading to software crashes, unexpected computer restarts, or worse, and eventually damage the processor itself.

This is why you should remember to check the temperature of your processor and avoid leaving your machine outside in direct sunlight.

Why is my Asus laptop crashing?

To check this temperature, you just need to go to the Bios: the configuration menu offers you a PC Health Status section which will give you all the information delivered by the sensors integrated into the motherboard.

Conversely, the cold can also have a harmful effect on the components of your computer.

You can now refer back to this information when you encounter a bug, a crash or an unexpected reboot of your computer. If the solution to your issues are not found in the lines above, we strongly advise you to ask an IT professional to carry out a detailed and personalized diagnosis.

News added at : March 02, 2020 at 07:57 AM
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