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Why choose Asus?

In this new high-tech, ultra-connected generation, brands and providers of smart technology have multiplied. It is now a crazy race to innovate the most incredible and unexpected products, with new and never seen capabilities, futuristic features, huge touch screens ... the battle is not for the faint of heart when the prize is to become the consumer’s favorite brand !


What about today, when technology has become commonplace and an integral part of our habits and lifestyles?

How to choose your next brand of computer or tablet?
Where does Asus stand as the leader in motherboard technology for over 30 years?
Choose Asus over any other, yes but why?


The professionals at Asus Accessories have decided to look into this for you; here are the top 5 reasons why you can trust Asus:

Summary of the article:

One of the most recognized brands

Founded in 1989, Asus, a global technology and information technology giant, built its reputation by making high quality and reliable components and in its early days by manufacturing superior motherboards noted for their fine details and difficult micro-welding.


Having proven its expertise and quality manufacturing capabilities, Asus launched into the consumer electronics market by offering computers, tablets and smartphones, taking on incredible challenges. Blending innovation with luxury design, always offering more novel and advanced technology, one of the advantages of the Asus brand remains its constant development of new exceptional products with masterful designs…on the road to perfection.

30 years of experience and sustained growth speaks for itself!

Low frequency of returned products

One of the most important factors for judging and qualifying a brand is its After Sales Service. Making quality products is a good start, but ensuring a sustainable operation and personalized service is better in the long run!


You will not be disappointed by the exceptional ASUS services. Asus has a reputation of making solid machines with an Average Return Rate so low that it is hard to believe.

Asus holds the record for the lowest return rate in the market, with less than 10% of its products reporting a problem in the first 24 months of use.

A low return rate is a testament to the products and as expected they combine compliance, quality and reliability!

Expertise and knowledge of the components and their manufacture

Ranked as the number one for motherboards attests to the added value and sustained inventiveness of the brand which has never known a real competitor in this sector.

The skills and knowledge acquired, the technical and intellectual capabilities of this manufacturer have made their products reliable and qualitative. The brand has always remained discreet and professional yet has built its renown and reputation on quality as attested by their users.


With the arrival of new competitors, numerous product quality studies have been conducted and Asus that takes first place winning hands down.

As a brand of reference, it has been recognized several times overand for several years as the best most reliable manufacturer; that's why you should choose Asus!

A range of products adapted to each individual, no matter the use (professional, personal, gaming)

Renowned for its large palette of laptops suitable for a multitude of uses, whether business or entertainment, from the small Netbook to the extreme gaming configurations, Asus has used their knowledge to build for the incredible diversity of users.


This giant of the industry has created products for everyone from premium high performance to standard everyday use, Asus has a PC adapted to your needs and budget.

It's not the e-sports world that would contradict us!

Marque la plus reconnue du gaming, ROG (Republic of Gamers), a accueilli récemment sa petite sœur : TUF Gaming, ces produits sont des vrais bijoux de création.

The most recognized brand for gaming, ROG (Republic of Gamers), recently welcomed its younger sibling: TUF Gaming, these products are creatively designed jewels with Incredible cabilities, high performance, rugged, warrior design, unimaginable technological innovation, and all at a great value.

So why choose the Asus brand? You're not convinced yet?

Let’s tell you a little more...

Availability of pare parts

The last but not the least of the advantages offered by ASUS and that differentiates it from its competitor’s remains manufacturing prowess but this time it applies to the manufacturing components.

The advantage of the brand is the quality control of each component, of each product, which, unlike other brands, manufactures all of its components and does not use third party assembly.

This enables Asus to make available for purchase all of the spare parts and accessories used in the design of any and all of its products.


The goal? Allowing you to repair your devices easily and improve or upgrade certain features with the assurance that the components are well manufactured and reliable and thus extending the life of each of your devices.

From the start to finish, Asus provides real added value service for the satisfaction of its continually evolving customers, building an indisputable legacy of quality products.

The answer now seems obvious to you, why Asus?

Because it is Asus, of course!

We hope that this information will help you make your choice and that we will see you soon in our vast community of Asus users!

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