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Why and how to register your Asus product?

The exciting and stressful moment when you first start your device and have to decide how to setup your Asus device, select your preferences and install the various start-up programs (language, input method , wifi, security codes ..).

When you first start your device, you will be prompted by Asus to register your product and become an Asus member to take advantage of the benefits, manufacturer's warranty and customer services. You may be wondering what all this is about ...

The Accessoires-Asus team would like to help you understand the advantages of registering and guide you through the registration process.

Contents of the article:


Your registration with Asus is your passport to numerous personalized benefits and customer services. As a member of the Asus community you will find all of the tools and information to make your user experience as smooth and complete as possible.

This registration includes unlimited access to all of the special offers and promotions on the Asus website that are not available in stores. These exclusive customer offers will give you many benefits with great deals, savings on exclusive refurbished Asus products and easy secure online shopping!

Along with this product support you will receive the Asus newsletter to inform you about the brand, scheduled events and various free updates as they become available.

In addition, every time you register a new Asus product on the site, Asus gives you an additional 5GB of virtual storage space on ASUS Web Storage to make your user experience even more enjoyable.

Registering with Asus also allows you to recover all your computers specification, features and series information that you will need when you want to upgrade certain components or explore the possibilities.

"Registered Product" then "Options" then "See Product Description" or "FAQ"


This Customer account will provide you with many Asus customer service advantages and, in particular, warranty extension options.

If you have a technical issue or other specific need, you will have easy access to help forums, warranty application forms and enjoy quicker more comprehensive customer services including the professional repair services. If you prefer to undertake the repair yourself, the online instructional video library is full of instructional videos to walk you through any repair.

If you prefer to have the Asus team of professionals take care of your repair, you will be able to track the progress of your repair online.


A major advantage of this customer account is the Warranty Extension Packages that you can customize to reflect your environment and way of life. You can, simply, extend the basic warranty of your device for two or three years, as best suits you.

Asus services don’t stop there! You will be able to set up an international warranty that ensures the repatriation of your malfunctioning or damaged device by the ASUS team regardless of the country you find yourself in during your travels. The product will then be repaired and returned directly to your home.

Whether you are at the office or at home, if you experience a technical issue with your device, an expert will be available to help you with your repair.

One more advantage, if your device is stolen you can locate your device using your Asus account (after ownership is verified for your security).

This warranty extension is easy to implement

"Customer service login" - drop-down menu on the left "activate your warranty extension" -
select the desired product and options then click on "submit" to validate the subscription.

With so Many free advantages it would be a shame to miss out!


You are interested in benefiting from the advantages offered by this account and reassured by the added protections offered for your device and personal information. Now, all you need to do is create your account and take advantage of all these possibilities.

Go to your favorite internet browser and type "My Asus" where this simple process is explained and where you will be able get answers to any questions that you may still have.


'My Asus' then 'customer support' then 'register now'

You can also go directly to the registration page by clicking on the prompt that appears when you first start your device:


First, you must create an account on the site by selecting the login and password of your choice or simply by log on through your Google or Facebook account. You will be asked to provide contact information.

To register the device you will then have to enter the serial number of the product by scanning it via the built-in camera or typing it by hand. The Serial number (or S/N) is usually written in this form: "SN: F9N0CY798465395".

Once this serial number is entered, all you have to do is save your account with all of your information. Anytime you wish to access your registered products in your Asus account all you need to do is:

"My Asus" then "customer support" then "identification" then "my registered products"

This registration will not take long but it will ensure the longevity of your device thanks to the many warranty programs and services available to you; it would be a shame to miss out on this caliber of customer service!

Beware, you can only create this Asus account and register your product within 30 days of purchase of your device.

News added at : March 13, 2019 at 09:44 AM
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