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Which PC Gamer ROG to choose in 2019?

First leisure, then passion and today a sport in its own right, Esports (gaming) has seen a breathtaking evolution of its reputation and its equipment over the past 40 years.

Moving from large, fixed and compact computers to lightweight, super-powerful design laptops, the computer gamer market continues to grow both qualitatively and quantitatively.

With more than 25.3 million players in France today, many products have emerged in this booming industry. You are a Player but not necessarily a computer scientist, you don’t understand "geek" speak and understand even less the spec sheets of these new imposing machines, where the same terms come back constantly ... So how do you choose your Asus gamer pc?

Which PC Gamer Asus ROG to choose in 2019?

Depending on your level of play, your expectations and playing environment, you must take very different criteria into account. Our professional team has decided to help you by preparing this buyers guide and presenting the different Asus gaming computers from the ROG and TUF lines to simplify your choice of an Asus gamer pc!

Our top 5 Asus gamer PCs from ROG and TUF Gaming:

ROG Mothership : The portable computer

ROG MOTHERSHIP (GZ700) : 7999,90€

Asus ROG Mothership (GZ700)

Define how you want to play, with this ROG portable gaming pc and its completely reworked design. This mobile laptop with detachable-foldable keyboard and tilting screen offers for the first time a customizable user experience!

Asus ROG Mothership (GZ700)

Ultra-fast performance, solid components, a new ultra-innovative cooling system and a revolutionary ultra-fast platform: this is a revolutionary gamer computer. Immerse yourself like never before between the stunning visual quality and incredible level of realism for more true to life sessions!

Asus ROG Mothership (GZ700)

Let’s not forget the many integrated technologies (IA, RangeBoost, GSync, Armory Crate, Sonic Radar...) that make this gaming computer a true robot of innovation, versatility and capabilities! So much technology in a fully customizable system from cooling to lighting, through game settings, you will finally have a pc that looks and feels like you.

An infinitely adjustable computer.

ROG Mothership specifications:

  • GPU Nvidia RTX2080 8Go
  • Intel i9-8950HK processor
  • Up to 64GB of RAM
  • IPS 144Hz Full HD Screen
  • Use: Intensive Gaming
  • Mobility: Medium

ROG Zephyrus S: the travel gaming PC

ROG Zephyrus S (GX701): 1900€ to 2900 €

Asus ROG Zephyrus S (GX701)

Ultra-thin, this gaming PC leaves its heavy and bulky opponents far behind him; finally a gaming laptop designed to travel with you, light as air. Combining a 17 "screen, ultra-thin frame and feather light, it is the most compact gaming pc ever!

Asus ROG Zephyrus S (GX701)

An immersion experience that will not disappoint: Pantone certified colors, edge-to-edge screen, IPS screen with incredible refresh rate, and exceptional sound with Smart AMP technology: a real small format cinema experience!

Asus ROG Zephyrus S (GX701)

This nomadic gaming PC is prepared for everything offering you a USB Type-C charger connector so you will be able to charge your battery everywhere (ex. with a portable power supply), without needing to find a wall outlet. A Little added Bonus: Switch technology which allows you to work and play, oscillating between two modes: efficient or economical.

Finally a gamer pc designed to travel with you.

ROG Zephyrus S specifations:

  • Nvidia RTX2060 to RTX2080 GPU
  • Intel i7 8750H processor
  • Up to 24go of RAM
  • IPS 144Hz Full HD Screen
  • Use: Regular to intensive gaming
  • Mobility: High


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ROG Strix: the office masterpiece

ROG Strix (G12): 1520€

Asus ROG Strix G12

Innovative design that changes the standards: a transparent side panel to observe the components of your computer and their operation here is the new and innovative ROG desktop computer.

Asus ROG Strix G12

With its impressive and customizable performance, here is a computer designed especially for those who want to be powerful, even in competition. Sublime graphics, with the most powerful graphics card on the market and an overclocked 8th generation processor: you will be hard pressed to find better performance.

Asus ROG Strix G12

This virtual reality artist gives you the ability and flexibility of exclusive dual HDD drive storage and even a hot-swappable SSD drive to save any of your settings, even after long hours of play. Finally, its many connectors and port options will allow you to make all the connections you want without any additional accessories.

E-sport is in its DNA, it's up to you to take control.

ROG G12 specifications:

  • Up to Nvidia RTX2080 GPU
  • Intel i7 8700K processor
  • Up to 64go of RAM
  • Use : regular to intensive gaming
  • Mobility : None


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ROG GR8 II: the hidden power

ROG GR8 II: 1200€ to 1500 €


This mini gaming desktop PC offers the power of a full sized tower in a compact console size: free your desk of the clutter while making room for all the accessories of your choice with this ultra-compact desktop PC!

Despite its small size it offers an impressive virtual reality with fluid gaming and detailed graphics.


Designed with a 7th generation processor, its custom graphics card, SSD and hard drive, this silent computer perfectly mixes speed, capacity and storage. Small with sleek design you can discreetly install it in any room of the house, use it with your TV screen or even on two screens at a time for a large screen session.


Looks are Deceiving, it offers gaming performance and wonderful versatility, able to read the highest graphics settings like 4K UHD videos or to launch 3D modeling programs, it hides many of its capabilities in its small size ...

Small footprint with great immersion.

ROG GR8 II: specifications

  • Up to Nvidia GTX1060 GPU
  • Intel i5 7400 Processor
  • up to 32go of RAM
  • Use: Regular Gaming
  • Mobility: Reduced


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TUF Gaming FX505: Built for any test

TUF Gaming FX505 1050 €

Asus TUF Gaming FX505

Rugged, compact and with sharp edges and powerful components, this is finally a gaming pc designed to survive your biggest battles and your harshest defeats. Resistant to various everyday mishaps (vibrations, falls, shocks, transportation...), with this computer you are assured of the stability and durability of its performances even in the extreme.

Asus TUF Gaming FX505

RGB backlighting, ZQSD keys, Overstroke technology, ergonomic keyboard, wide viewing angles: speed, accuracy and fast display are all about ultra-fluid and creative gameplay.

Asus TUF Gaming FX505

To be as strong outside as inside, this TUF pc also includes a dust-proof cooling system with double fans as well as multitasking technology allowing for components that are always cool providing efficient execution in any situation.

Comfort, robustness and efficiency are its motto.

FX505 specifications:

  • Up to Nvidia GTX1050Ti GPU
  • Intel i5 7400 processor
  • Up to 32go of RAM
  • Full HD LED panel (144Hz optional)
  • Use : Casual Gaming
  • Mobility: Good


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All you have to do now is choose the computer you've been waiting for to get your game on and continue to advance in the world of gaming enthusiasts.

Asus ROG continues every day to mix innovation and ingenuity to offer you an ideal ROG laptop configuration for every player inside you.

For any questions and additional information you can contact our team that will be happy to respond.

See you soon on Asus Accessories!

News added at : June 24, 2019 at 08:18 AM
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