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The TUF Gaming Alliance: an alliance of high-end manufacturers at the service of gamers!

Most of you are already familiar with the TUF Gaming Alliance (especially gamers)! Otherwise, it is the association of several manufacturers of computer components who have joined forces on the initiative of Asus.

Asus TUF Gaming Alliance

Among them are prominent manufacturers such as Antec®, Apacer®, Ballistix, Cooler Master®, Corsair®, Deepcool, Enermax, G.Skill, GeIL®, ID-COOLING, In Win, Scythe, SilverStone, T-FORCE and XPG… To name only the most prestigious.

Why trust the TUF Gaming Alliance? What are their best components? We tell you everything in this article.

Asus TUF Gaming Alliance

The quality of the components of the TUF Gaming Alliance

This alliance was created on the initiative of Asus in order to compose play stations respecting a certain specification.

The robustness of the components

The TUF Gaming Alliance puts forward the design of almost military-grade components, designed to offer unshakable stability and extraordinary durability. It is not uncommon that in full game, adrenaline and stress can take over the calm behavior of the player that you are, so that is why a robust material can be of a great help in these lively and sometimes devastating moments!

The quality of the materials

In addition to the military quality which makes this alliance almost indestructible, the teams of engineers of the various partners of the Alliance put their know-how and their latest innovations at the service of this partnership, with an ultimate goal: the satisfaction of the greatest number of players, all more different from each other, but with a common goal: to have a war machine for their favorite games.

An ecosystem with the latest design

The elements of the different players in the alliance also share a large part of the design and the design line. The motherboards which approach digital camouflage design blend perfectly with the black and gold color combinations of the components. The RGB backlights will end up attracting the eye with relish on the entrails of the machine.

So there is no false note or bad taste in this environment and, importantly, the assurance that all these elements will go well together is a guarantee of quality in the very conscientious world of gaming.

All-round tests

Take for example the tests on memories. These have been put to the test, they have endured 24 and 72 hour uninterrupted resistance tests with the Memtest software; these tests have demonstrated their effectiveness through marathon game sessions and proven that they can deliver increased performance while ensuring worry-free use over time.

What are the best PC gaming components?

Find a small overview of essential components, from a very long list:

In Win chassis 101

The chassis 101 by In Win is a robust steel case covered with a military design, even the tempered glass side panel sports a translucent camouflage design.

Asus TUF Gaming Alliance

Its power button is hidden under the backlit Alliance logo. The opening / closing systems are positioned at the top, which allows easier access if the tower is installed under a desk. The customization and synchronization of RGB colors allow many lighting effects inside and outside the case.

RAM Corsair Vengeance RGB Pro Series

The RAM Corsair Vengeance RGB Pro Series is designed to provide excellent performance over the long term thanks to the efficiency of the heat sink. This memory is capable of reaching 3000 MHz, which can be an advantage for overclocking *.

Asus TUF Gaming Alliance

This series of RAMs will allow you to personalize your setup with a personal style thanks to its dynamic multizone RGB LED lighting.

* Overclocking: Increase the frequency of the clock signal of a processor beyond the nominal frequency, which allows to increase the performance of the computer (often used in the gaming world).

The MA620P double fan from Cooler Master

The Cooler Master MA620P double fan incorporates a combination of 2 sets of heat sink towers with 2 sets of MF120R RGB fans.

Asus TUF Gaming Alliance

This power supply is also equipped with a Twister Bearing fan to provide quiet cooling and dust-free rotation technology.
3 additional RGB backlit fans will ensure an additional personalized look to your setup.

The TUF Gaming Alliance is therefore a collaboration between ASUS and trusted partners, which guarantees easier assembly, a large choice of high-end materials, almost endless choices of various designs, better compatibility of parts and elements and a complementary aesthetic between the components and the computer case.
News added at : June 22, 2020 at 08:12 AM
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